IT Job Vacancy

Resource Management Limited - IT Security Consultant

Specific skills required:

You will need to Hold either CREST,OSCP or OCP qualifications and understand technical details of pentesting(buffer overflows, XXS, SQL Injection). This is so that we know as a company that you have the right skills set and qualifications to be able to carry this job out correctly and be efficiently without the need of much training. You will also need one of these qualifications as it shows that you are able to complete all the tasks that we might set you while you are working at our company.

General skills required:

I would like you to have communication skills so that you can effectively communicate with other staff members inside and outside of the office. I would also like you to be able to learn new skills quickly because although you will have the qualifications required for the role you will also need training on how we do everything and other skills that may be required of you through more training and to be able to learn the sort of problems that we can face here.

Attitudes/soft skills required

As a person I would like you to be able to meet deadlines as we may need some of our items that you could be working on moved out of here by certain dates which you would need to complete the task by then. I would also like you to be able to work well with a team so that if required you can be an efficient member of a small team when set a task, however you will also need to be able to work alone as you may be set tasks to do yourself. As part of working alone I would like you to be able to solve problems when possible so that no other staff members should need to be disrupted if possible

Contact us:

if you would like to apply for this role or have any queries please follow the link below:

18 King William Street

Aidan Harvey