by: Kelsi DeMaranville

What is Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is an athletic sport. When you sign up for gymnastics you will learn to preform stunts, and you will learn to tumble. Some people do gymnastics for fun, and some do it to keep their body in shape. Gymnastics also helps your strength (upper body- bars and floor.lower body-dismounts and vault.) If you go to competition they will score you 1-10. (1 is bad and 10 is great.)

Why is Gymnastics Important?

Gymnastics pushes children to try new things. Which gives them a personal goal. When they accomplish this goal it gives them a boost of self-esteem. Lets say this toddler has never been on the bars and he/she is scared of being on the bars. Once she/he has been on the bar she/he has over come a fear. Which pushes them to over come other fears. Gymnastics helps you decrease health issues. Usually you work in a team. When you work in a team you can make new friends. Which helps you be more social.Gymnastics isn't all fun and games, if your on a team and you do something wrong you will get disciplined for it, and that helps kids understand discipline better.