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Four ways to get your customers texting

is very important to utilize all potential marketing strategies that will grab the attention of your customers. One of the most important is text marketing because you are able to reach your customers immediately and offer them the ability to contact you. The real problem is that with all the regulations on businesses texting customers, you need to make sure your customers actually sign up for texts before you start sending them. Here are four ways to get your customers on board.

Offer a discount when signing up

We’ve all seen it before, but businesses can offer some kind of discount for signing up. For example, maybe you give 20% off an order if someone signs up for texting. Most companies won’t actually send the discount until the next day in an attempt to get you to buy stuff twice from them, but it can irritate customers, so they immediately unsubscribe. To fight this problem, send a discount code immediately upon signing up. Then, make sure your system doesn’t send the code out a second time to the same number in order to prevent people from subscribing over and over to keep getting the discount.

Communicate your program

A lot of times, your customers don’t even realize that you have a texting program available. Make it clear at your store and on your website that there is a texting platform available. It is even more important to let them know that they can also communicate with you since many business texting platforms do not allow that and customers may not be used to it. A web page dedicated to explaining the program would be a good idea for people who are interested in finding it. Another good way to do it would be to send a text with a link to that web page after customers sign up, so they have been directed to it.

Offer a giveaway

According to Business 2 Community, one great way to get people signed up on your texting platform is through a giveaway. You can just announce it at some kind of event and give away the prize at the end of the night or just advertise it through your website, social media, and your store to make sure customers know how to get involved. Then, announce the winner and give away the prize. Most people aren’t going to go back and unsubscribe from the messages (unless you are overdoing it and sending too many of them), so you will have a lot of customers hooked.

Social media

Social media is really powerful. Most of your customers are probably already following you on Facebook and Twitter if not on other platforms as well. Use these resources to announce your texting platform or information about it. It’s also a great way to remind customers they can get discounts for signing up. It is a quick and easy way to let your customers know that they can communicate with you through texting.
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