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Spotlight on Mathematics - January 2016

Sweet 16!

2015 is over and through,

so now what will math teachers do?

Something exciting, fantastic and new?

Something tremendous, something stupendous

Something that makes all our math goals come true?

It's all up to you, that much we can see

To make this new year the most it can be.

It's all up to us wherever we are

To help our students to go farther than far

Math ACL

Curriculum Pacing Overview

1st Grade

Unit 4 - Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction to 40

2nd Grade

Unit 5 - Addition and Subtraction within 1000 with Word Problems to 100

3rd Grade

Unit 4 - Multiplication and Area

4th Grade

Unit 4 - Fraction Equivalence, Ordering and Operations

5th Grade

Unit 4 - Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions

6th Grade

Topic 9 - Equality and Inequality

7th Grade

Topic 9 - Equations and Inequalities

8th Grade

Topic 9 - Exploring Bivariate Data

Assessment Windows

Pre-K Math MOY Assessment Window is from January 4 - January 22, 2016.

1st and 2nd Grade Interim 2 Assessment Window is from January 18 - January 22, 2016. The deadline for all data to be uploaded in Data Link January 29, 2016.

Grade 1 Math: Interim 2 (Test Code: 55541)

Grade 2 Math: Interim 2 (Test Code: 55544)


PARCC PRC Resource

Here are the steps to gain FULL access to PARCC Resource Center. Our state access code is MD 1788.

Follow the instructions below to create your account

1. Navigate to the PRC (

2. Click on the "Human" icon in the upper right of the PRC

3. Click "create account"

4. Fill in the information required, marked with a "*" red asterisk

PARCC Member Code: MD1788

5. Click create a new account

By logging into the PRC site you will have full access to the functions and resources associated with your account.

The Quantile Framework

Linking assessment with mathematics instruction.
  • Math Skills Database Search
Search the database for Quantile Skills/Concepts (QSCs) using Maryland state

standards or any keyword(s).

  • Quantile Teacher Assistant
Use the Quantile Teacher Assistant to differentiate math instruction by matching skills

and their measures to the relevant standard you are teaching.