Gamma Rays

Physics Period 5


Gamma rays have the most energy out of all the other waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. Gamma rays are actually used to kill many things like cancerous cells, as well as living cells. an interesting fact about Gamma rays is that it is produced primarily of four different nuclear reactions which are, alpha decay, gamma decay, fusion and fission. the velocity of a gamma ray is 300,000,00 m/s.


Gamma Rays in Life

Gamma Rays are used in, medicine to treat internal organs. Gamma Rays are also used to kill cancer cells, to sterilize medical equipment and in radioactive tracers.

A positive health impact is that killing cancer cells would obviously get rid of cancer for a time period. it is also found in medicine and medicine is obviously used to treat different viruses etc. a negative health impact is that when a person is exposed to too many Gamma rays they can die due to the rays hitting directly on the person for a long period of time.


"So what are gamma rays? Gamma rays are the strongest from of radiation. This is what makes nuclear radiation so dangerous. This high energy form of radiation can damage human tissue and cause mutations. In circumstances where gamma radiation is plentiful most life forms would be killed within a short amount of time."

What Are Gamma Rays

This article briefly explains what exactly Gamma Rays are. It tells you how they are harmful, as well as how they are helpful. This article was helpful because it gave a clear and easy read summary of what a Gamma Ray is and how it works upon different things. Although it is not the longest, the information it contains is rather helpful.
NASA | What Are Gamma Rays?

Gamma Ray Video Summary

This video has people who are experts on this briefly explain what Gamma Rays are as well, as the order of the spectrum. This video helps give a clear understanding of what it is and how strong the rays are. I choose this video because it is short in length yet explains everything needed in that short amount of time.