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CSAT PBIS Staff Newsletter - February 2016

Welcome teachers and staff!

This is a monthly newsletter designed to inform and inspire teachers at CSAT about everything PBIS. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the CSAT PBIS Tier 1 Team by e-mailing us at or by contacting one of the team members listed at the bottom of the newsletter.

Do you have a PBIS resource, best practice, or inspirational article or book that you would like to share with the staff? E-mail Liza Bair ( or David Long ( and we will get it posted in a future newsletter.

PBIS Happenings in February

Friday, February 5th - Student Dress Down Day. The cost to participate is 10 Eagle Bucks. Please collect student Eagle Bucks and deliver them to the office. Permission slips will be provided to teachers and should be sent home on Thursday, February 4th.)

Monday, Feburary 8th - Dress in Superbowl Style. Students and staff can wear sports attire (t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jerseys) the day after the Superbowl for $1 cash (uniform pants and shoes required, no hats). Funds collected will help cover the costs of the prizes in the Eagle's Nest store.

Monday, February 8th - PLH. Meet the PBIS Tier 1 and 2 Teams and learn more about Tier 1 behavior interventions, the office referral process, and what to do when Tier 1 interventions are not helping to improve behavior.

Monday, Feburary 8th - Eagle's Nest store (2nd grade 8-8:30 & 3rd grade 8:30-9)

Tuesday, February 9th - Eagle's Nest store (4th grade 8-8:30)

Wednesday, February 10th - Eagle's Nest store (5th grade 8-8:30 & Kindergarten 8:30-9)

Thursday, February 11th - Eagle's Nest store (1st grade 8-8:30)

Friday, February 14th - Monthly surprise raffle - Valentine's Lollipop Tree! Students can enter the raffle by paying one Eagle Buck. Three students from each class can choose a lollipop. If the lollipop they choose has a colored stem, they are in for a treat :)

Monday, February 15th - Friday, February 19th - Winter Break! :)

Tuesday, February 23rd - Elevator Pass Raffle. Each student can pay one Eagle Buck to enter the raffle, and there will be one winner per classroom. K-2 winners will use the elevator on 2/24, and 3-5 winners will use the elevator on 2/25.

February Resources - Do your students feel the LOVE?

How do you make students feel like school is a place where they are wanted? Check out InspirED for lesson plans and ideas about Social and Emotional Learning. InspirED is geared toward middle school & high school students, but many of the lessons can be tailored to the elementary level -

We hate to admit it, but some students in our classrooms are harder to like than others, especially if our interactions with these students are always centered around what they are doing wrong. How do you give these hard-to-like students a fresh start? Check out this article from Dr. Allen Mendler (Brian Mendler's father) -

A Letter to Teachers from "That Kid:"

PBIS January Matrix Survey Results

In January, the PBIS Tier 1 team asked you to highlight three areas on the matrix where you thought that students were struggling. We thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback!

The top three areas of concern on the matrix were the following:

1. Being respectful in the classroom (following directions)

The blog Cornerstone for Teachers explains some ideas about to get students to follow directions the first time:

2. Being responsible in the classroom (working to the best of your ability)

Are your students not completing classwork and/or making excuses? Try some of these Tier 1 interventions:

A special thanks for Caroline Venstresca and the Tier 2 Team for this resource!

3. Being respectful in the hallway (voice level "0")

Are your students constantly talking in the hallway? If practicing walking and moving students to new spots in line is getting stale, have you tried:

Do you have a hallway tip or trick or get students to walk quietly? Contact Liza or Dave and we will feature it in a future newsletter.

We also thank you for your comments at the bottom of the matrix survey! Many teachers were also wondering - what about CONSEQUENCES?

Consequences, like expectations, should be clearly defined and reviewed in your classroom. Some examples of consequences:

  • Take a break (find your self-control)
  • You break it, you fix it (do whatever you need to do to make the situation right again)
  • Logical consequence (the punishment fits the crime)
  • Loss of a privilege (try harder - you have taken it too far)

Here is a link to a free TpT poster of these types of consequences:

Also, check out PBIS World ( or this resource from Kristine Nannini of Young Teacher Love for a more detailed list of logical consequences (

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CSAT PBIS Tier 1 Team

Dave Long, 1st Grade

Liza Bair, 3rd Grade

Keith Banas, 5th Grade

Cassie Brignone, K-5 Band, Kindergarten Music

Teresa Guadagna, Literacy Technology

Kevin McGriff, PSR

Carrie Schelberg, Special Education

Marie Dionne, Counselor

John Bresnock, Counselor

Angela Duffy, Counselor

Sue Jurewicz, Administrator