Mrs. Lee's Weekly Update

Husky Kinder Happenings...

Week 21

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is enjoying the crisp, sunny weather we are having this weekend! Don't forget to sign up for our Student-Led Conferences if you haven't already on February 23 and 24. Here is the link to sign up!

Let me tell was a BUSY week! We had SO many wonderful things happening in Kinder this week! Be sure to check out the pictures at the bottom of this newsletter to get a peek in on all the fun we had. We celebrated the 100th Day on Wednesday and boy was it a FUN day!!!!! We started off our day with a visit from the Tooth Fairy! They ALL loved it! The girls kept telling her how beautiful she was. She came in and talked about taking care of our teeth (how to brush, what to eat to keep them healthy, visit the dentist etc...). She also came by our classroom for a class picture and sprinkled them all with magical fairy dust.

After that, we began working with the number 100! We made 100th day hats and we sorted out our trail mix and enjoyed it for a afternoon snack that day! Thank you for the donations. It was a HIT with the kids! We also synergized as a class and counted out 100 starbursts and put them on a 100 chart house. We painted one hundred gumballs in a gumball machine and counted out 101 fruit loops to string on a necklace. FYI-- This was done the 101st day and most of them ate the necklace before it made it home! We read all kinds of books about the 100th day of school and created a class book...If I had one hundred dollars I would buy... their responses are hilarious! We also had a grade level gallery walk at the end of the day. They were able to see the entire grade level's posters of 100 things! Thank you for taking the time to help your child with this. It was very meaningful for them to see 100 in so many different ways. There was LOTS of creativity involved in this and I was very impressed!

All these activities spilled over all week in our academic areas. We made a 100th day book in writing as well. They are also VERY excited about our Science Animal Research Unit!!!! Last week they were introduced to amphibians, reptiles and mammals. They can already tell me a lot about these animal kingdoms. Next week we will dive into birds and then bounce back to social studies a bit discussing Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Valentine's Day.

Some reminders for you...

VALENTINE BAG DONATIONS- If you can donate any fun stickers, doilies or heart items that would be most appreciated! We will be decorating our valentine bags on Wednesday this week! Thank you!

CLASS PICTURE DAY- This Tuesday, February 9. Order forms went home last week and group pictures are $11. Let me know if you didn't get one please.

Take Home Readers- Please make sure your child is reading nightly to you and that they are bringing their reader back when they are fluently reading and comprehending the story.

VALENTINES- We will not be having a party for Valentines Day, however, we WILL be exchanging them in class! If you want to get started on your valentines I am attaching a class list. :)

STUDENT LED CONFERENCES- Your children have been working hard on their Leadership/Data Notebooks! February 23-24 will be Early Release Days for these conferences. Your CHILD will be the one leading the conference! How cool is that?! Please click the sign up sheet at the top of the page to sign up!

ZOO FIELD TRIP- Our next field trip will be to the San Antonio Zoo. More information will be coming soon. Save the Date- Thursday, February 25!

Upcoming Things to Remember....

February 9- Class Picture Day!

February 12- Early Release Day at 12:40pm

and Classroom Valentine Exchange

February 15- No School, President's Day

February 23-24- Early Release for Student Led Conferences

February 25- Zoo Field Trip!

February 26- Wear RED to support the American Heart Association

Enjoy your weekend!

For the kids,

Alison Lee

Alison Lee, Kindergarten Teacher, Huebner Elementary, NEISD