Marketing Product Project

By: Keira Plybon

What is my product?

My product is a robot that helps kids and adults with autism and other disabilities. It comes in two forms. One is an actual robot that can come in any animal form , and the other is like a tablet, but much bigger and it is installed into the wall that is in the users room.

What does it do?

It helps someone with a disability to be able to learn how to deal with their emotions and how to function without having medicine twenty four seven. It doesn't just help with their emotions, but it also helps with their social skills, and it helps with their comprehension level.

Why do people need this product?

I believe that medicine is not the answer to a child with a disability. "I stress that medication is not the solution to a problem," Dr Abuja says,"It is a way to make therapy more effective." So people needs this product to help their kids learn and focus on things they struggle with, without the use of medicine all the time.

The price and how you came up with it?

The price of this product will be way less than filling many different medicines that you might become immune to because after awhile of using a certain medicine over and over it starts to stop working. The cost will be around $165-$200 depending on size and model. It has a year long warranty so if something happens to it or if you are not satisfied than you can get your money back. I came up with this price by combining the price of therapy sessions and the price of medicine refills.