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Preparing for Tech Visits



  • Students work in teams to prepare their own study material Infographics to share with other class members or other teachers' classes (Try Piktochart)
  • Pair classes in common content areas to create and play virtual games against each other using Jeopardy Labs,Quizizz or Socrative.
  • Have students create a collaborative study guide using Google Docs to collaborate virtually with another teacher's class.
  • Use student-led small groups to review key concepts in station-style rotations. Consider using Today's Meet for a backchannel.
  • Have students create newsletters to share with parents about what they've learned - practicing their synthesizing skills and using images to support (cited properly of course!). Try Smore.
  • Set up a Mystery Skype or Google Hangout with another classroom in our district (or another school in a neighboring district) or an outside expert in your content area. Let students develop questions to ask related to their studies, or teach a lower level grade about topics they are "experts" in. Click here for more information onConnecting Outside the Classroom.

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    Working Together to Reach a Goal - putting talents, expertise, and smarts to work.

    Refer to tools in the first block above from our last newsletter......

    When designing a lesson with collaboration in mind remember there are many strategies that you already use that just need a digital touch. What is collaboration?

    • The student is the primary focus of the instruction. What are some ways that students can collaborate and learn together. Consider using Voicethread , padlet, Wikispaces, or RealTime Board for students to lead and share instruction while collaborating in small groups.
    • Interaction and doing are of primary importance. Check out Meetingwords or TitanPad or Draft for students to show while collaborating with their classmates.
    • Working in groups is an important mode of learning. Use Google Drive and Google Apps in new above line learning modalities in your classroom. Also consider using pbworks or Symphonical for group work and ongoing classroom projects that need organization.
    • Strutured approaches to developing solutions to real-world problems should be incorporated into learning. Some new ideas for students to share their research, information, charts, and pictures are diigo , and Board800. Be sure to refer back to Mrs. Davis Presentation Symbaloo for more choices.

    Don' forget about BBLearn! How can use our LMS more effectively to enhance collaboration in the classroom.


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    Sharing thoughts, questions, ideas, and solutions

    Refer to tools in the first block above from our last newsletter......

    Students should be building communication skills in your classroom that represent the media world they are surrounded by today. Sometimes they need to write that essay BUT....

    Don't forget about all your options in BBLEARN.



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    School Photos are Courtesy of the 2015-16 Yearbook Staff

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    Your Media&Tech Team is ready to assist you!

    Reminder: Please require students to cite their resources when researching or using pictures, videos, etc. This should be something we model and expect of our students.
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