The Federal Reserve

By Tyler Majerus

Purpose: The purpose of the Federal Reserve is to stabalize the economey.

Regulation: The Federal Reserve regulates the money supply by both selling, and purchasing government bonds. This can either put money into the economey, or take money out, depending on what is necesisary.

Supervision: After the downfall of banks during the great depression, the Federal Reserve has taken supervising the peoples banks into their own hands. They send in people to investigate all the bank's files, their investments, and they check to see if they are following all the rules. This helps make sure that each bank is doing exactly whar it needs to do.

District Banks & Locations:

District 1: Boston, MA

District 2: New York, NY

District 3: Philadelphia, PA

District 4: Cleveland, OH

District 5: Richmond, VA

District 6: Atlanta, GA

District 7: Chicago, IL

District 8: St. Louis, MO

District 9: Minneapolis, MN

District 10: Kansas City, MO

District 11: Dallas, TX

District 12: San Fransisco, CA

Board of Governors: The board of govoners consists of 7 members. The main thing that they do are open market operations.

FOMC: The FOMC's purpose is to stabalize prices. They do this by setting the discount rate, setting the reserve requirements, and by participating in open market operations.

Bereau of Engraving & Printing: Their job is to make sure all of the curency in the system is legitiment, and in good condition. They print and destroy paper money. Then they distribute it to the district banks.

U.S. Mint: The U.S. Mint is similar to the bereau of engraving and printing except their job is to create and destroy coins.