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Author Study: George Orwell

Eric Arthur Blair, known as George Orwell, is the author of 1984, and has written many other books. He was born in 1903 in Motihari, India, and moved to England with his mother and older sister a year later. His father, as described as a dull and conservative man stayed back in India, so George rarely ever saw his father. He has a passion for writing since a young age, and started writing poems at the age of four. His love for writing came from feeling lonely and insignificant. Orwell went to a boarding school and didn’t have many friends. His family wasn’t very rich, and poor people weren’t treated as well, he began to notice. He got a scholarship to Eton College, however could not go on to study at university due to a lack of money. He then joined the India Imperial Police Force, however quit 5 years later and moved back to England to become a writer. His first big work, “Down and Out in Paris,” was a book about the tragic and hard life of poor people, written about his various jobs. He did not want to embarrass his family, and therefore, used the name George Orwell. A year later, he met a woman named Eileen O’ Shaughnessy who he married. A few years later he got tuberculosis and didn’t receive treatment, because at the time there was no cure. Later, he took jobs such as being a producer for BBC, and a literary editor to financially support himself. He published his two most famous books “Animal Farm” and “1984” towards the end of his life. Animal Farm was about 2 pigs, symbolizing Josef Stalin and Leon Trotsky. He won 2 awards for this novel. 1984 was about oppressive government control, even private thoughts. Shortly after publishing 1984, George Orwell tragically died in 1950.

Map of Orwell's World

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Song Quote Analysis to 1984

“When the leader of the bad guys sang/Something soft and soaked in pain/I heard the echo from his secret hideaway/He must’ve forgot to close his door/As he cranked out those dismal chords/And his four walls declared him insane.” The song lyrics in this song, The Judge by Twenty One Pilots. The leader as stated in the lyrics in 1984 would be Big Brother, and his singing would be the advertising of his propaganda. It is soft and soaked in pain because the propaganda continues to convince everybody in Oceania that Big Brother is their all-knowing leader that they have to continue to bow down to. The constant propaganda is the echoes that they hear in their minds that convince them to always be devoted to Big Brother and never doubt him. They have constant reminders that Big Brother is their leader and that they should never defy him because he is always watching. The last three lines describe the constant surveillance that all the people in Oceania are always under. Winston is sick of being under constant surveillance because of the telescreens. The people in Oceania are not free to do anything that they want to because they are continually being monitored day and night. If they do attempt to do anything bad, to think, or to question the government they are faced with severe consequences including death. For Winston, being trapped in his room, constantly being watched without any privacy is driving him insane because he’s different from everyone else. He does not want to be another robot, but instead wants to think, and express his thoughts. Not being able to do that makes him feel trapped. He writes in his diary even though he knows he might be caught. He wants to overthrow Big Brother because he is tired of the insanity that being watched day and night is causing.

Winston's Journal Entry

Dear Journal,

It’s getting more frustrating every day. My mind is spinning with hate for Big Brother, and hate for everyone around me. Julia, I don’t know much about her, her name, a bit of her personality that’s really it. I don’t know her last name, her past, or her plans for the future, nothing. But it comforts me knowing that she is like me. She knows how I feel, my hate for this society, my hate for Big Brother. There are not many people like me in this world, no one will think differently, or ever challenge the society that we are being oppressed under. That is why I need people like Julia, people to give me hope, people to make me feel less lonely. She understands me, and I love everything about her. I know she won’t hurt me like Katharine. Katharine was different, she did not know how speak her thoughts, how to love. She was merely another one of Big Brother’s robots, his slaves, his servants. I do not understand how this society came to be. How Big Brother arose as such a huge power, and who really was he. All the people in Oceania merely know him as their savior, as their leader, but no one really knew much about Big Brother at all. What was he like? What is his personality like? And most importantly, why would he want to have people blindly serve him, and how did he make this happen? Destroying all the records makes sure that no one finds out and that no one will ever challenge him. That is why it is up to people like Julia and I to start a rebellion, to fight against this monster and the invasive society he has created. We need to get rid of all the telescreens, all the Thought Police, the Ministries, and this horrid language that we speak. War is not Peace, Freedom is not Slavery, and Ignorance certainly is not strength. If we continue to disregard Big Brother, and let this society stay the way it is, we will never be free to do what we want. I want to talk to O’Brien about this. I feel like he understands me and thinks the same things. I see it when I look at his eyes, he seems like he is thinking about something. He has told me that we would meet in the place where there is no darkness. I wonder what he means. Will he be willing to go against Big Brother? I hope that there are other people like Julia and I, people willing to rebel. I have a feeling that there are people in a secret underground organization. I have to work again tomorrow, to change more stories and put the old in memory holes. My job takes my mind of things because I’m always finding out new things about the past. I know there was a time when things weren’t like this, when Oceania didn’t have an oppressive leader, when the people and the society were better. For now I can just hope that our society will return to times like this.

- Winston