Preschool News

Miss Amy and Miss Courtney's Preschool Class

This Week

We had a busy week even though it was short!

Monday, Miss Becky read us the book Big Red Barn. We talked about all the animals that live on a farm and the sounds that they make. We talked about a weather vane and how it moves. Afterwards we made our own big rid barn out of construction paper. The kiddos had to listen to directions to create their barn. The rest of the week we are making animals to put into the barn and we will send it home after our trip next week! We also sang the song Old McDonald and the kids had a great time coming up with animals to sing about.

On our short day Tuesday, we had a little extra time during choice time, so we practiced our names and used white boards to write our letters and mimic lines. Afterwards we read a Mo Willems book called Happy Pig Day. The kids thought it was so silly and loved reading about Gerald and Piggy. We then made a pig craft using circles, rectangles and triangles. The kids had to use a model to make their pig look like ours. Just wait until you see some of them!

Hope you all enjoyed your Wednesday off!

On Thursday, we read a story called One Smart Goose. We laid on our bellies and talked about it and read the funny story. The kids loved it. Afterwards, we made a yellow chick as our craft. The kids did such a great job with this step by step project! We love seeing them use their kid work and try to match our models. We watched the Big Red Barn video on YouTube and once again talked about the animals we saw. During centers, we played with farm animals, barns, blocks, sand, play dough, and some of us even got to go ride on scooters in the hallway! It was a fun day!

On Friday, we read " The cow who loved cookies" and added a friendly cow to our barn. The kids had to follow directions to make their cow look like the teachers. They look


We had art class today. The kids are working on coming back to class and recalling what they just did in art class. This is a nice, ( sometimes quieter) time to discuss what they learned.

We also got to run outside and we played fun games!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Next Week

We will continue to talk about the farm next week. We are SO excited about our trip to Johnsons! Our field trip day also happens to be our wonderful, funny Miss Amy' s birthday! We love birthdays and are excited for a great day on the farm!

Next week we will get to finish our animals that we will add to our big red barn that we made this week. We will also make some " mud" for our piggies, and we will explore other animals and topics having to do with farm life!

We introduced something in class called " collections" that we will be continuing during choice and small groups throughout the year. Collections are basically anything that is a real life object ( for example- bottle caps, buttons, keys, seashells, nuts and bolts etc) . The kids can sort, count, order, classify, discuss and label different attributes about these items. They can construct with them and are able to have free expression to explore the materials. We did it once this short week, so next week the kids will get to check out the collections again!


Picture Day is MONDAY Oct. 17th. Dress in your finest!

Field Trip and Miss Amy's bday are FRIDAY the 21st. Meet us outside of our classroom, departure time is 8:45 sharp!

*Please make it a routine to read the newsletter together with your child if you have not done so already. It is a wonderful way to start conversations!

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