4th Grade News 3/16/15

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information


*3/17 and 3/19-Parent-Teacher Conferences

2:30 dismissals on both days. If you need a reminder of your child's conference time, we have written the day and time in their agendas on this week's calendar.

3/20-School will be in session for a snow-day make up. 2:30 dismissal

3/23-3/27-Spring Break

Math, Science, and Social Studies


Fractions- We will continue working on adding and subtracting fractions. We will also begin solving fraction word problems. At the end of the week we will use visual models to add 2 fractions with related units using denominators 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12.

Decimals-This week we will also begin working on modeling unit fractions as decimals. Fractions and decimals are great to teach at the same time. We will learn the connections between the two. We will start with decomposing 1 whole into tenths.

There will be no homework this week.

Science-We will begin our Electricity Unit next week!

Reading, Writing and Word Study

Word Study: All groups will be using the same words this week. We will look at the prefixes re- and un-. We will have an assessment on Friday.

Reading: We will wrap up our Mythology unit this week. We will focus on allusions, and we will be creating Allusion journals. Students will have an allusion quiz on Thursday over their journals!

There is NO fluency homework coming home for this week!

Writing: We will be writing about theme, and doing several quickwrites this week.

When we come back from Spring Break, we will be jumping into our 4th grade Author Fair projects! Over Spring Break students will have the assignment of creating a list of possible authors to research.