Carmelo Anthony

Biography by: Zane N

Childhood and Personal Life

Born in May 29, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York. Carmelo Anthony was named after his father who died when Carmelo was 2. His Dad was born in Puerto Rico, and Mother was born in Africa. Though he was born in Brooklyn, Carmelo Anthony was raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He now has a family of his own, Wife, LaLa, and Son,Kiyan, now live in New York City.

School (High School + College)

Syracuse alumni, Carmelo Anthony stood 6'5. He played a Small Forward and Power Forward at Towson Catholic High School for 3 years, then went to Oak Hill Academy where he finished off his High School Career before attending Syracuse for only 2 years.

Professional Career

He was drafted 3rd pick of the 1st round in the 2003 NBA draft, by the Denver Nuggets. He played 7 yrs for the Denver Nuggets, then he was traded by the Nuggets to go to the New York Knicks. He is still playing for them to this day. He's 11th in the NBA overall. He was the NBA scoring champion in 2013, NBA all-rookie first team in 2004, USA Basketball Male Athlete of the year in 2006, and many more


1. My person didn't have a positive or negitive.

2. He had a good effect on Knick fans because he plays for the Knicks

3. Being drafted; didn't really leave a legacy

4. Talented, Athlete,and Loyal

5. He overcame being poor and losing a dad

6. I chose this person because I wanted to do a sports player

7. The fact that he lost his dad and still went to the NBA makes him special

8. I learned a lot of facts about Carmelo Anthony, but learning he lost his dad was the top one thing

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