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Tag Along With Thomas

What a great experience for our kids! Fuel Up to Play 60 students from the Middle School and High School joined together to help raise funds for Thomas Boley. Tag Along With Thomas is an effort to help high school teacher Chris Boley and his family take care their little boy. Rogers FUTP committee sold snow-cones and sponsored games with prizes to raise money. Special thanks to Mr. Busse for his help. Look for us again next year! Kids helping kids, it's a beautiful thing. See link for more information.


Meeting With Governor Nixon

Fuel Up to Play 60 students were asked to visit with Governor Nixon to talk about our school Fuel Up to Play Program and how we have succeeded in increasing the amount of students eating school breakfast. Since 2011 Rogers has utilized a "second chance breakfast" we call Grab n go which gives students the opportunity to eat breakfast after second hour. Many of our students do not like to eat right away in the morning so they get food on the way to their third hour class and eat breakfast later. Breakfast numbers have increased from 50 students to almost 250 students eating each day. Governor Nixon chose our school to visit because of the success of our Fuel Up to Play 60 program. Many of our FUTP students had the opportunity to speak with the Governor in a small group to explain our Fuel Up to Play 60 Program and how we help students stay healthy.

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Lanie, Mrs. Pointer and Mrs. Beezley attended the Missouri PTA Conference in Columbia last month to talk about school breakfast.

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Growing Our Own Garden

We have been fortunate at Rogers in that we have a very active volunteer. Known as "Grandpa Dave" to the kids, Dr. Dave Spellman, helps us with our garden. Grandpa Dave works with the FUTP kids, tilling, planting, weeding, watering and providing guidance. Channel 4 recently did a story about Grandpa Dave and how he has helped us accomplish keeping such an active garden at Rogers.


If you would like to help weed and water at Rogers this summer, please contact Mrs. Beezley: kbeezley@afftonschools.net

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Pedestrian Safety

Summer is almost here and many of our kids will be spending a lot of time walking or riding their bikes through Affton. While I encourage them to "play 60" I also want them to be safe. Recently one of our student in the "Middle Message" spoke to Officer Whitmore about pedestrian safety: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-x_83WwS3s

I also gathered some information from the National Center for Safe Routes to School. Please review these important tips with your children so they can be safe walking and riding this summer.



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Mrs. Beezley's Corner

This month I want to celebrate our 8th grade Fuel Up to Play Committee Members. It is difficult to say goodbye, and I will miss them so much. Each of these kids have their strengths and I appreciate them for who they are-young men and women who care about others. Some of these students have been on the committee for one year, some for three but all have given me their trust and I appreciate that. This group has made our program stronger because of their belief that healthy living is important. Each of them has given of their time, utilized their own skills and talents, and helped our committee grow as they have grown. The commitment these adolescents have to the Affton Community is admirable. As I told Governor Nixon: The Fuel Up to Play 60 program helps create confident, capable citizens through leadership opportunities they would not normally have. These strong and competent student leaders are our future in Affton. I feel so honored to have worked with these young people and will miss them more than they'll know.

P.S. I will sooooo miss our "Morning Meeting" and lunches.

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Celebrating our Successes

This year has been successful starting First Responders Day, then Affton Days Parade where we won first place for our float. We started our own Instagram account and now have an RMS Facebook account. In the fall we visited a Dairy Farm, celebrated National School Lunch week, helped with Veteran's Breakfast, prepared the pollinator garden and expanded our garden space. Lanie and Hunter (Ambassadors) went to Parkway Schools to help them get their program. Almira went to AdCap and won $1000 for FUTP. We helped with the clothing drive and spoke at the Affton Parent's Club Meeting. We wrote our first Newsletter in November so we could communicate with students and parents. We sponsored Stay and Play, wrote thank you cards to community members, Board Members, Administration and local Dairy Farmers. In January we made a video and won the MVP award for the #FuelGreatness from FUTP winning a $500 NFL gift card. In February we sponsored Go Red Week and raised money for the Heart Association. We had "The Amazing Race", an assembly with a Dance Off and Mr. Schoenberger spoke about his heart attack. We built two new beds, tilled the garden and planted our cool Spring crops. We celebrated School Breakfast Day with trivia and Parfaits. Many of the FUTP committee attended the Summit at Vetta. In April we helped Tag Along With Thomas, donating a Markus Golden jersey for the raffle (Go Cardinals, right?). We were also asked to meet with Governor Nixon to explain our program, our committee and our Grab n Go breakfast. We will continue to work through the summer with the garden and have plans to paint the new gaga pit (my 8th grade can't let go).