El Greco

Makaela Kinney


  • El Greco was born in Crete, Greece in 1541.
  • At the age of 35 El Greco moved to Toledo, Spain where he worked for the rest of his life.
  • He received his initial training as an icon painter of the Cretan school and studied the classics of Ancient Greece.
  • He was a architect, painter, sculptor and artist. He dedicated his life to religious subject and he lived in the city.
  • El Greco produced landmarks such as St. Peter in Tears and The Burial of Count Orgaz.
  • El Greco's patron was Domenikos Theotokopoulos.

The Work

  • One of El Greco's famous paintings is the Dormition of the Virgin.
  • This piece was created between 1565 and 1566.
  • This piece is now located in the Holy Cathedral of the Dormition of the Virigin, Ermoupolis, Greece.
  • Dormition of the Virgin is a painting that shows the death of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Also, the way she looked before being taken into heaven.
  • I found this piece interesting because it has very good and realistic details, it shows all the people standing by her body and does a good job of showing the meaning of the painting.
  • The significance of this piece was showing Jesus' mother being before being taken into heaven.
  • This painting is a good example of Humanism because it is proving the peoples belief in Jesus by showing Jesus's mother and the people saying their goodbyes to her before being taken into heaven.

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Creator : El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos), Greek, 1541-1614
Title : Portrait of a Man
Date : ca. 1590-1600
Repository : The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Repository : http://www.metmuseum.org
ARTstor : MMA_IAP_1039652363
URL : http://library.artstor.org/library/secure/ViewImages?id=%2FDFMaiMuOztdLS0wdD59RXws

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