Road to Perseverence

By Syncere Arroyo

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Perseverance is how much effort you put into what your doing. It shows how much you would go to complete something. When using perseverance that shows that you would do anything to complete something. In this presentation I will be speaking on multiple people using perseverance like Carson, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, Caine, Micheal Jackson, christian and lorenzo.

Nadja Salerno- Sonnenberg road to perseverance (Description)

The accomplishments in Nadja’s life were mostly in her music career because that was what she put most her time into. Some of her accomplishments were she won the Avery Fisher prize. Nadja never gave up. When she wasn’t the best she practice over and over until she mastered what she was working on completing. She faced ADVERSITY when she started thinking that she wasn’t good enough or that she would never go far in her career.ANOTHER example is because when she was a little girl she always wanted to become famous of music. she started playing music when she was in school and she continued playing music still till this day. She worked long and hard to be what she is now and she is going to continue that for as long as she lives because music is what she believes in most.

Caine's Arcade- Road to perseverance (Cause&Effect)

Caine had an ADVERSITY when there weren’t so many people that went to his arcade. That didn’t bring him down he kept going to the arcade waiting and waiting for customers. Caine was happy even when there was one customer. one day there was a director that came to get a tire for and he came across Caine’s arcade and he asked if he could play in his arcade. Caine gave him some tickets and every time he won Caine gave him prizes each time. The man was a director so he decided to make a documentary on Caine’s arcade. Soon later people found out about Caine’s arcade and that he didn’t get that many customers. Later that day people from all over the world came to play in his arcade and they surprised him by standing in a long line holding signs saying his name and standing in front of his arcade. he held a big smile on his face when he seen all the people that came to go to his arcade.

Cristian vs Lorenzo (Compare/Contrast)

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Micheal Jackson's road to perseverance (Sequence)

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Carson's road to perseverance (Problem & Solution)

A problem that Carson faced is that he had to keep a really big secret that he couldn’t tell anyone not even his two best friends Dillon and danielle. Dillon was the type of kid that will always ask a question. Danielle is not so much like Dillon she rarely ever asked questions mostly when she wasn’t sure on something or that something got suspicious. Carson had a very important job, that job was to keep Olek safe and for Olek to blend in like he belonged to the school. Carson had started to get worried when the pancake house started to walk around the school looking for kids that fit their description and that is not walking with anyone. They only went for the kids that had no one with them and that looked like they didn’t look that they belonged to the school.

Carson’s solution was that no matter what happens he was going to keep Olek safe and to complete his mission. He decided to come up with a lie to have Olek stay at his house until the trial. (which was a really smart idea).