Tiger woods

He is known for the Best Golf player.


Tiger woods was Born on Dec 30,1975 in Cypress,CA. At the age of 8 he was very good at the game golf. Four years later at the age of 12 he won another 13 majors and he was called the PGA. At the age of 21 he was the youngest man to earn a tittle.

Personal life

Tiger woods won six champoinships in 2005 and was voted for PGA tour player of the year for the seventh time in nine years. Tiger woods had a great personal lost in 2006. His father died in May of battling prostate cancer. Woods said on his website ''My dad was my best friend and great roll model and i will miss hem deeply. His wife gave birth to the couple first child name ''Sam Alexis Woods'' on june 18,2007. Two days later woods will miss the rest of the season do to his left knee. Woods announed on September 2 ,2006 that they where going to have their second kid.