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For corporate or individual clients, our focus areas are in:

Ø Small Claims Court Matters - debt/wage recovery through litigation or negotiations (for matters $25,000 and under);

Ø Criminal Matters - dealing with summary convictions, or theft under $5,000;

Ø Immigration - student visas, work permits, sponsorships and other applications.

Ø Provincial Offences & Highway Traffic Act Violations - tickets for individuals, rental or leasing companies;

Ø Landlord & Tenant Disputes - commercial or private tenancy;

Ø Tribunal & Administrative Agency Petitions and Appeals - such as SABS/WSIB, HRDC; and

Ø Document Reviews - extensive experience managing litigation teams in discovery-intensive disputes, working with experts, conducting depositions, and drafting motion and trial submissions.


The range in experience allows ClaimsLaw to provide our clients with transparent, confident, informed and effective guidance on their legal and business matters.

We not only bring legal acumen to the table, but our varied backgrounds in business, computer science, and electronic engineering knowledge result in our sharing efforts invariably being brought to bear in client matters.

All members of the ClaimsLaw Team are Paralegals licensed and in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Whether you are an existing client or just looking for some information on what CLAIMSLAW can do for you, do not hesitate to call or email us today!

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