FDR's Alphabet Soup

Steffanie Leis

What is FDR's Alphabet Soup

FDR's Alphabet Soup is what people called the agencies that were used during the New Deal. This was also during the Great Depression.

The New Deal

The New Deal is a plan that Franklin D. Roosevelt came up with after obtaining Presidency. His plan was to institute a series of experimental programs and projects. They provided jobs for the jobless and helped get America back on its feet.

Define the Great depression

The Great Depression is a time in America when the stock markets crashed after soaring high. The entire economy took a nose dive and people were forced into poverty. More people were homeless and in poverty than before. This was when Herbert Hoover was the President.

How many agencies are associated with the "Alphabet agencies"?

There were 14 agencies that were associated with Alphabet Soup:

-- AAA: Agricultural Adjustment Agency

-- CCC: Civilian Conservation Corps

-- CWA: Civil Works Administration

-- FERA: Federal Emergency Relief Administration

-- FHA: Federal Housing Administration

-- FSA: Farm Security Administration

-- HOLC: Home Owners Loan Corporation

-- NRA: National Recovery Administration

-- NYA: National Youth Administration

-- PWA: Public Work Administration

-- REA: Rural Electrification Administration

-- SSA: Social Security Administration

-- TVA: Tennessee Valley Administration

-- WPA: Works Projects (Progress) Administration

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