7 Peace Prize Winners

from the United States

Why were some Americans Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

Barack Obama (2009)

-Tried to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation

-Used "dialogue and negotiations" to try to settle conflicts

-Pledged to decrease the number of nuclear weapons in world

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Elie Wiesel (1986)

-Stood up for those experiencing racism

-As an author, wrote about the violence in the world. Mainly, about his experience in concentration camps

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Norman Borlaug (1970)

-Responsible for "Green Revolution"

-He used his knowledge of plant breeding on high yielding crops to help increase food production, mostly in Latin America and Asia. This was very helpful, because many famines were going on at this time in these places

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Linus Pauling (1962)

-Spoke out about nuclear testing

-Informed public about how dangerous radiation is and wanted nuclear disarmament and no nuclear testing

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Emily Greene Balch (1946)

-Found Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

-Strived for peace, was a reformer, peace activist, economist, and social worker

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Jane Addams (1931)

-Considered "mother" of social work

-Known for helping find the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

-Social Worker

-Worked to get equality for everyone

-Known for working in Chicago's Hull House

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Elihu Root (1912)

-Helped strengthen U.S. fisheries

-Helped limit how many "weapons" on naval machinery

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