Christmas in Bethlehem and Portugal

Important Dates

In Bethlehem people celebrate christmas on December 25, January 16, and January 18. Unlike Portugal, the people there celebrate christmas on December 24 and 25

Gift Bearer

In Portugal, people believe that Father Christmas brings presents to children on December 24. The presents are left under the Christmas tree or in shoes, but in Bethlehem they have no one or thing that bring them presents.

Night before Christmas

The night before christmas in Bethlehem the people have a church service, it takes place in St .Catherines church. They hold services in many ways. Some people may attend special Christmas services in there local churches, others may arrange excursions for special services in the sheperds fields, this is sort of like what Portugal's way the night before. People in Portugal go to church for the " Missa of the Rooster" service. during the service an image on baby Jesus is brought out, and everyone goes up to kiss it.

Traditional Foods

The traditional foods in Portugal and Bethlehem are very different! In Portugal the people eat Consoda, it consists of,( codfish, green vegetables, and boiled potatoes). But in Bethlehem the people eat, ( Turkey cooked with Cinnamon, pepper, nut meg, and is stuffed with rice). Pine nuts and almonds are also apart of the dressing

Day of Christmas

In Bethlehem and Portugal have VERY different traditions for the day of Christmas! In Portugal the people leave there living room table untouched, and people still enjoy their goodies together. But in Bethlehem the people celebrate the birth time of Jesus Christ.

Other Traditions

In Bethlehem and Portugal they have many other traditions.In Bethlehem the town is decorated with flags and other items adornments and other items. One of Portugal 's other traditions is they have a Christmas cake. It is called a ( Bolo Rei ) meaning king cake.The Bolo Rei is placed in the center of the table.