history of the protests

It started on Jan 25 2011.Several reasons they did the protests,They feel the police have too much authority and give the citizens fewer civil rights.The police are know to beat citizen on a regular basis.The government left many deads. On Saturday, an estimated 1,000 anti-government protesters tried to reach Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in northeast Cairo, where security forces crushed one of their protest camps in August. All but about 50 protesters were turned back by police, who fired tear gas, security sources said.


In America today there are threats,interesting news,etc.

The idea was that the people are in charge of the government,but it seems like the president is in charge. The next elections will be on on November 8,2016.

There are financial problems that threaten the Untied states.

The international community

Use of Twitter Facebook,Youtube,etc and other community problems involved in us.

The united states are trying to help Egypt.

what happened in us

In the country the people finally caught on to the president.He had been rule for too long and the people felt they need to overthrow him.A revolution is a forrible overthrow of the government for a new system .The egypt people thought they ruled too long and they need a new system.So it is a revolution.
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