Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Why Come to Us?


Here at Eternal Rest we provide a complete range of services to assist with all of your funeral needs. The death of a loved one is often one of the most challenging events that individuals face (Stroebe et al., 1992) Our goal is to make that experience as comforting and simple as possible.


Our services include: help with writing and publishing obituaries and tributes, funeral planning, burial options, and information about how to get help with grief and healing. We understand that the death of a loved one can also be a financial strain on families so we offer a variety of options that will help with these challenges. We also welcome all different cultures and religions and will accommodate your needs and requests. We understand that despite the fact that cultures continue to change the deep cultural code of burial rituals remains intact (Eisenbruch, 1984) Below is more detailed information about the services we offer.

Individual Pre-arranged Funerals

One of our most popular services is funeral pre-planning. We can help you plan for every stage of the process so that your loved ones can focus on grieving. There are many decisions that have to be made in preparing for your funeral. These include what you would like to happen with your remains, whether you choose organ donation, cremation, or burial (Leming & Dickinson, 2011). Should you choose to be buried, we can assist with casket selection and burial site selection whether you prefer to be buried in a cemetery or mausoleum.

Immediate Needs

We are available seven days a week to assist families with planning for a sudden or unplanned death. Families and loved ones face a variety of challenges, including making group decisions, financial considerations, and other planning challenges. Our goal is to make this process as comfortable and easy as possible. We will meet with you and plan for every stage of the process in accordance with your wishes and we will take it from there. Families also have to consider the variety of options for funeral services including specific religious rituals, music requests, poem and other readings, additional morning after services, and meeting with the person selected to give the eulogy ( Leming & Dickinson, 2011).

Culture and Religion

We welcome all cultures and religions and understand many of the rituals and requirements for many cultures. We are sympathetic to specific cultural needs, including varying bereavement periods. Some cultures and religions have extended bereavement periods (Goldberg, 1981). We have helped plan Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Native American funeral services. We have many of the physical representation symbols that we can put on display such as crosses, the Star of David, religious readings and ceremonies.

Financial Considerations

We understand that the death of a loved one can be a financially challenging experience. We offer a variety of options that will help you stay within your budget and still provide you with the special service that you or your loved ones deserve. We can also connect you with human service agencies and faith based organizations that can help with financial challenges during this trying time


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