Getting Started with Twitter

Developing Your PLN

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Getting to Know You!

Please join us on Today's Meet!

In 140 characters or less....

  • Tell us who you are
  • What you do
  • Where you do it
  • Anything else you would like to share

Read through the "feed" to see who is in the room with you today.

Next...share what you hope to get out of this workshop today.

Thanks for being here!

What is a PLN? The WHY

So What is a PLN?

Why a PLN?

  • 24/7 PD
  • Connecting to Amazing Educators
  • Access to Resources
  • Staying "in the know" on the latest in education
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Social Media for Educators-The What

This is an amazing for all things social media for educators:

Let's Take a LOOK-The What

Navigating a Twitter Account

Need to see it again, check out this tutorial by the fabulous @julnilsmith

Get started with a Twitter account-The How

1. Go to

2. Enter info, choose "handle" (your Twitter name)

  • Keep it short & professional

3. Follow 5 people or groups (see below for suggestions)

4. Add your contacts

5. Add a photo and bio (no egg heads, please)

Getting Started with Followers..a few ideas:



















Find people you connect to and then follow who they follow.

What the #hashtag

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Twitter Hashtags for Education Explained
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Let's Get our TWEET ON!

Time to Compose Your First Tweet!

Share your "Twitter Goal" now that you have become a Twitter Ninja! Add @BethHouf and #FPSTeach to the end of your tweet.

Favorite someone else's tweet that resonates with you.

Retweet someone's tweet.

Quote tweet and add your own two cents.

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Our Hashtag for Today