Persuasive Techniques

12 Persuasive Techniques


Bandwagon (iPhone) -

In the apple add, the iPhone was being enjoyed by many people who were making connections with friends and family. At the end of the commercial a man states, "More people enjoy music on the iPhone than any other phone." These simple words are straight forward and get the point across using the persuasive technique, bandwagon. The target audience are people without the newest iPhone. Apple wants more people to purchase the iPhone to be more connected and so they will make more money. By being closer to your friends, you will enjoy being on your iPhone since all of your friends have an iPhone. This method is extremely effective because everyone is buying the iPhone because not only is it the best phone but almost everyone has one.

Testimonial - Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity -

This is a commercial for Beats By Dr Dre headphones, which are supposedly the best headphones up to date. They are showing that these are great headphones by using amazing basketball superstars like Kevin Garnett to wear them. This persuasive technique is called testimonial or celebrity endorsement. I think the intended audience is for people who look up to Kevin Garnett and fans of basketball in general. This ad is supposed to make you want the headphones because you think Kevin Garnett is cool and, therefor, the headphone are awesome too. I think this technique is effective because it is obviously working in the real world and Kevin Garnett is looked up too and seen as a role model for kids and young adults.

Product Comparison

Comparison -

In this ad for the Windows tablet, the tablet and the iPad are compared using the weaknesses of Siri. This commercial is showing everything that the tablet can do that the iPad cannot. This use of product comparison is very effective because not only does the consumer get to see the technology incorporated into the device, but they will get to see how it compares to other tablets. The intended audience was for people who want to get an iPad or already have an iPad. I think this is effective because it shows all the ways the tablet is better than the iPad.


Transfer -

This ad was showing all of the abused animals in the United States and how each individual could help save a poor, abused animal for only a certain price a month. This is an example of transfer because it draws you emotional senses and make you feel bad about not helping a starving dog. The intended audience is people of all ages that like animals and care for their pets. I think this technique is effective because it makes you feel like you can help and makes someone feel guilty if the don't.


Security -

In this Allstate commercial a person represents mayhem and he adventures around ruining people's lives who don't have insurance. This ad wants you to buy all state to feel safe. The persuasive technique, security, was used to make the consumer feel safer and more secure when they purchase this insurance. The target audience is people who don't currently have insurance and don't think they need it. I think this is a very effective technique because it makes the consumer feel insecure and at risk when if they don't have insurance.

Purr Words

Purr words -

In this gold fish commercial, the company wants the commercial to be friendly to kids and families. The brand uses the technique purr words with a thoughtful saying at the end that make positive thoughts in children's minds. The target audience is for little kids who like snacks to remember their commercial so they will remember and buy their product. I think this is an effective technique because it creates a warm friendly feeling associated with the product.


Name-Calling - calling

In this ad of Pepsi and Coca Cola are competing to have a superior product. They want you to think of Pepsi as less than the proud Coca Cola. They use the persuasive technique name calling because they call the other product weak and use harsh, strong words to describe the other product. The target audience are people who can't tell the difference in sodas or people who drink Pepsi. They want every to drink coke and I don't think this is very effective because their isn't any evidence and the reasons are poor.


Slogan -

In the Nike ads they use strong a fit people to represent their company. They want people to buy their product and remember their name to spread the word. Their slogan is, "Just Do It," which is catchy and make the consumer want to do more and just do it. The intended audience is all people in shape or out of shape to get up and do more with your life. I think this is effective because people become motivated and running shoes or workout clothes.


Humor -

Old spice uses many techniques, however, one that stands out is humor. The use the robot as a representative that attracts all the ladies no matter what outrageous things he does. They use the technique humor so you will laugh and remember the product for the strange and funny moment in the commercials. The intended audience is for boys and men so they will attract the ladies once they buy Old Spice. The effect is that you will feel more attractive once you purchase the product and I think it isn't very effective because their isn't any evidence behind the reason it attracts women.


Individuality -

In this commercial they are showing how individuality matters and you need to be your own person. The point of this commercial is to call you out and make you feel different form everyone else. This technique is called individuality when they say you need to believe in themselves. I think the intended audience was for insecure people of all ages you want more support. I think this if effective because it make you feel better about yourself after watching.

Plain Folks

Plain Folks - folks

In this commercial they are raising money for a hurricane that had recently happened. The main purpose of this commercial is to say anything helps and that you don't need to be a hero to save someone's life just donate. I think the intended audience are the wealthy to help out some of the people in need in other countries. I think this is effective because you don't always need to donate large amount to help a family.


Rewards -

In this Capitol one comercial they make the reward an enormous part of the commercial. By using the technique, awards, the consumer want the rewards, in this case 1.5% cash back, and proceeds to buying the item. I think the intended audience is for people without a credit card or people using other cards that don't have as great of rewards. In my opinion this is extremely effective because everyone likes awards and even when your an adult, being rewarded is pleasing.