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The properties it has.

Chemical- 1. Atomic number-31

2.atomic mass-69.72 g mol-1

3.velocity of sound-2740 m s-1

Physical-1. Density of solid-5904 kg m-3

2. Molar volume-11.80 cm3

3. Velocity of sound-2740 m s-1

Gallium is found in minerals or ores in the earths crust.


Gallium has two stable isotopes and both are used in nuclear medicine and physics. Ga-69 is used for production of the radioisotope Ge-68. This isotope is used for so-called Ge-68/Ga-68 generators. The Ga-68 that is created from the decay of Ge-68 is used as a PET isotope. Ga-71 has been used to study the behavior of solar neutrinos and it is also used in NMR studies. Gallium isotopes can be obtained from Trace Sciences International.

Safety information

Cannot be congested. If so it can cause kidney damage.