Medical Assistant

Christine Eckert • 3rd hour Science

Career Overview

You assist doctors and nurses in preparing patients for examinations and you work in hospitals or clinics.

Schooling Needed for Career

Classes that meets high school graduation requirements and a youth apprenticeship is helpful to pursue this career. You need at least a GED or a high school diploma. After high school you can go to a technical college or get on the job training at a workplace. Some states would require you to be licensed.

Cost for Schooling

At a local technical college, it would be about 5,000 dollars.

Cost for Everything During College

All together, assuming you would live at home with parents and spend money wisely, it is estimated that is would cost about 8,800 dollars. Depending on your money situation before college, you may or may not have to apply for scholarships or financial aid. You would have to work to pay it off during, unless someone is paying for your college. These are the following estimated amounts for the individual needs during college: Housing, 0; food/groceries, $3000; gas/transportation cost, $1800; clothing, $500; tuition for being a medical assistant, $5000.

Organizations to get involved with

The American Association of Medical Assistants and the American Registry of Medical Assistant are all good organizations to get involved with to give a boost to your career.

Pros and Cons


There is not a lot of school for it and it isn't as expensive.

The demand for medical assistants are high.

I can go to school near home and there are workplaces for this almost everywhere.


It does not pay much, but if you consider the amount of money it will cost to become one, it is not as bad.

May have long work hours.

Job Advertisment

Do you ever want a job that only requires some college courses and training, and being able to work anywhere in the US? (Young high-schooler with hand to face decided what it should he in life) Do you wish to pursue a career of helping people, and their doctors, in a hospital or clinic? (High schooler nods) Do want a high-demand job and work for about $30,000 per year? Then being a Medical Assistant is for you! (High schooler gives a cheesy smiles and big thumbs-up)