St Mary's School

Thursday 1st September

'When families bring children into the world, train them in faith and sound values, and teach them to contribute to society, they become a blessing in our world.' - Pope Francis

Dear whānau,

It's been a bit quieter this week here at St Mary's (we know it's not so quiet for you farmers, make sure you don't over do it!). It's been fantastic to see the kids outside ripping around in the sun with big smiles on their faces and sweaty foreheads.

This Monday in morning prayers Room Takahē shared the reasons they love their dads and the other special men in their lives - boy do we have some lucky kids at our place! They also did a fantastic job of their class Mass today - no surprises there.

On that note, we look forward to seeing HEAPS of dads, step dads, mum's who do the job of a dad, uncles, grandads, and friends at our Father's Day BBQ Breakfast and Liturgy kicking off at 8am tomorrow morning. Come along for some sausages, bacon and yarns (sorry, it's too early for stubbies apparently). Everyone is welcome of course, the more the merrier.

This Sunday 4th September we will all gather for this terms whole school Mass. All children are asked to meet in the school quad at 9.45am in their school uniform. Along with Father Jaime, we will be celebrating 13 children who will be recieving the sacrament of First Holy Communion. It would be great to see as many of you there as possible, please remember that the church is the reason for our school and by being part of our school we have commited ourselves to supporting all of our children on their faith journey. This is a very important part of who we are.

Please remember, if you have something you'd like us to celebrate in the newsletter, send me through a picture and a wee blurb by Thursday 9am each week and I'll make sure it gets in -

See you on Sunday 😊

God bless,


Acting Principal

Happy School Days

This week we welcome Kyle Ramsay and Stella Robertson to Room Pūkeko. Kyle is the oldest son of Scott and Vicki and joins his big sister Brianna who is in Room Pīwakawaka. Stella is the youngest and the last in her family to come through St Mary's, her big brother and sister, Jack and Jessica, are ex pupils from a number of years ago. We are excited to welcome Sally and Blair back into our school community too.
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Happy School Days Part 2

This week we also welcome Rebecca Atkinson to St Mary's, this time as a student teacher in Room Takahē. The team in Room Takahē are loving having another set of hands on board and Jackson is loving having mum at school. We have Rebecca with us until the end of term and we know she'll learn lots from Miss Bond. We hope you enjoy your time here Rebecca.

First Holy Communion - This Sunday

They've been working hard and they're ready to roll. This Sunday Preston Byars, Ali Dela Cruz, Miller Duncan, Henry Howden, Hannah Hunt, Sophie Moore, Noe John Nunez, Cecilia Ryan, Lucy Saunders, Mason Smith, Max Terry, Pixie Wilson, Jackson White (absent in photo) will be receiving the sacrament of First Holy Communion.
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Exciting Times for Joseph!

Joseph Nguyen will be ordained to the Diaconate by Bishop Michael Dooley in Auckland this Saturday. Joseph has been a very supportive and kind member of our parish and we are very excited for this next step in his faith journey - we're also hoping one day he gets to come back down here. He has a great support crew from Gore following him up to Auckland including Mrs Nelson but I know he would appreciate your prayers.

Below is the link if you would like to watch it. Saturday 3rd September 11am.

Room Takahe Year 6 Camp Writing

That was Camp!

I remember when I went camp Columba, what I did there was raft building I was with Tilly, Kate, and Lucie but Tilly didn’t want to go because she thought she would get wet when we built our raft, it floated the Lucie and I went to the platform we jumped twice in the lake it was freezing cold.

That was Camp!

Remember when we played spotlight then Eli, and Holly got lost in the dark brown woods we were freaking out and we were shaking like a leaf but, we found them.

That was Camp!

Remember when we were in flying kiwi, there was super shot, supersonic, and superman. I picked supersonic so a person got my legs and swung me around when he let go, I went spinning around like a fan.

That was Camp!

Remember when we went kayaking we practiced a few times, then we had to stand up when I did it almost tipped over and I was wobbly like jelly, but I didn't get wet

That was Camp!

By Alianne

That was Camp!

I remember when I was at the huge high ropes and I was belaying and I thought to myself, “oh no it’s too high, I don't want to do it”. I was scared, but then my best friends encouraged me to do it and I did it but not the whole way. Hey at least I got halfway across the high ropes. Willie let me belay the leap of faith.

That was camp!

I remember when I went down the zipline as fast as a cheetah and I threw my elephant towards the barrel and then mason said ¨It's going in¨but then I accidentally spun around and kicked the elephant like a ninja, I was bummed.

That was camp!

I remember when Max, Cody and I were building a rectangle raft and they made me tie all of the mushy dirty ropes into knots and they grabbed the floaty barrels fortunately the parents came to help me tie the knots, and then when we were out on the pond Max stuck his long hairy legs in the freezing cold water and said ¨my legs are freezing¨ then I said ¨well take them out of the water¨. Thanks for making me laugh Max.

That was camp!

I remember when we were all playing spotlight in pitch blackness and Detroit, Mia and I found a spot in a big dead bush and then the parents or seekers and Lily the golden retriever to find everyone.

That was camp!

By Flynn

That was Camp!

I remember when I went zooming down the zipline, trying to slam the little brown monkey into the wide barrel


I remember when I went kayaking in the shivering cold lake thinking it was as deep as the big blue sea


I remember when I whooshed down the big tall concrete slide getting so much air that I boomed down on the bottom and puffed my way up the stairs


I remember when the bouncy pillow was covered in ice, and I tried to get on but I kept on slipping onto the grubby, small stones


By Kaitlin

Showing our value of love by looking after God's creation

These girls have done an outstanding job over the last few weeks picking up rubbish (it's a shame they need to do it at all), not only that, but they've been doing it in their morning tea and lunch times 😮 Thanks Tilly, Kaitlin, Libby, Holly, Alianne and Phoebe for showing our value of love and looking after God's creation - we're super thankful and we're also super proud of your work!
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Father's Day BBQ Breakfast and Liturgy

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Father's Day Writing with Mrs Napier

My Dad,

He's brilliant, my Dad. My Dad isn't afraid of anything, not even a wolf. He can jump as high as a bird. He can wrestle with giants and can win the Father's race easily. He can eat like a horse.

He's alright my Dad. He's as cool as a motorbike and sportscar. He's as awesome as a car and as handsome as a movie actor. I'm as busy as a bee and kind like a puppy. I love my Dad! And you know what? He loves me and he always will.

By Hugh

My Dad

He's strong my Dad. My Dad isn't afraid of anything, not even a giant monkey taking over the world. He can swallow a steak whole. He's as strong as a dino and as big as a Godzilla. He's as fast as a cheetah and as quiet as a mouse. He's as tall as a giraffe and strong as an elephant.

I love my Dad! And do you know what? He loves me and he always will.

By Stanley

Fruit Cakes for Nelson

Thanks to all those who have already baked or donated a fruit cake to help out our mates up in Nelson. They're getting picked up tomorrow so there's still time to dontate if are able to and you haven't already.
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Board Elections - Don't forget to vote!

All voting papers for this years School Board Elections have been posted to you. Voting forms can be posted in the envelope provided or put in the secure pink voting box in the office at school. Voting closes on 7th September 2022 at 4 pm. If you'd like another read over the 2022 candidates and their bio's, you can find them in week 2's newsletter.

Upcoming events

This term Class Masses begin. The Masses are at 2pm in the classroom that is responsible for Gospel and prayers that week

Week 6 29 August - 2 September

Friday Father's Day breakfast at school

Sunday 4th - First Holy Communion - whole school celebrating at the Mass 10.00am

Week 7 5-9 September - Social Justice Week

Prayers, Gospel and Class Mass - Room Pūkeko and Moa, Mrs Cruickshank and Mrs Thacker, Mrs Gray and Miss Hood

Thursday and Friday Teacher Only Days, no school (the ones that had to be abandoned last term!)

Week 8 12-16 September

Prayers, Gospel and Class Mass - Room Kererū, Mrs Knowler

Tuesday and Wednesday Sports Activator in school (sporty shoes will help)

Wednesday Karla from Using Technology Better in to teach Year 6s about Microsoft 365 in preparation for St Peter's - POSTPONED UNTIL TERM 4

Week 9 19-23 September

Prayers, Gospel and Class Mass - Room Ruru, Miss Smith

Monday and Tuesday Year 5 children at camp in Dunedin

Week 10 26-30 September

Prayers, Gospel and Class Mass - Room Kiwi, Mrs Gray and Mrs Hansen

TEACHER ONLY DAYS CONFIRMED 8th and 9th September 2022.