Translations Project

By: Michael Butzer

About the Website

Hello and welcome to my website that I have created for you the viewer. In this website, you will be able to see five poems in which I have written sagaciously about in regards to five famous speeches in either the 20th or 21st century. From war to baseball, I have a variety of poems to offer and hope you enjoy this website. The poems are below including a refelction about what I have learned during the process of this project. Enjoy!

Poem #1

As the years conclude, we must take a look

I have already asked the house about an issue that may impact our future

We have one thing that shall never be taken away from us, and that is freedom

On that day, we shall provide our services to one of the greatest battle in history

May it be by air or ground, we need to ready at all costs for this war

From Holland, to Norway, to the Mediterranean, we shall be ready

I have nothing to offer yet my blood, toil, tears, and sweat

Policies be gone with this fight that we will not start but be joined

Victory, for without victory there will be no survival

I take up this in my arms to conclude on one thing that stands

Join me and we will forever be remembered in history as a unified country

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Poem #2

In life we cherish the brightest things; not the littlest things

Lou Gehrig was the heart and soul of the yankees franchise, a soul that remains

From illness to injury, he never stopped a beat and never missed a game

From players like Jacob Ruppert to manager Joe McCarthy, he played with them all

To his retirement, even the sorrow Giants fans were sad about this once great player

Farewell to the fans, farewell to the game, Lou Gehrig is gone but never forgotten

Baseball would not be what it is without that man alone

For him we recognize, for him the game continues to grow

He had the best fans according to him and the greatest family alive

That is why he the luckiest man on the face of the earth

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Poem #3

Whisky, it has many names and many sorrows that must come with it

I for one have an opinion yet on both sides of the matter

The good that may come to some yet the bad that may be to others

For one, the devils brew, the poison scourge, or whatever name you may call it

It brings evil and anger into the world unannounced to others around

It takes away some of the christian in men and woman for some time

However there is an opposite that must be concluded

It can also bring out the joy of holidays and fun in many

Singing loud around the town for all to hear

Or yet the abundance of cheer that sets in old men to make them much younger

For that I say I have an opinion on this drink that has two faces

But that opinion does not take a side on the good or the bad

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Poem #4

Here I am, ready to fight against an issue that has been intact for the last years

Our country, America, has become a divided system more than what we really want

We have two Americas that have become our nature and everything that is behind what we do

We have two different economies which apply to the same people

First we have the American dreamers, whom have their life figured out.

These people have life by their fingertips and can support their families without help

Secondly we have the penny pinching struggling everyday people that haven't figured out life

They perhaps are living by paycheck to paycheck and do not have the life they truly want

We should not have two different economies on one country

We need to enact something that will forever change this difference between the two parties

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Poem #5

During these terrible times we must see what caused this

During this war we take a look about what started this tragedy

Britain wanted to avoid this path of war

Britain was one of the very last to join this pitiful path of war

She shall not be accused for the start of this battle between nations

She shall not have the face of war written across its body

They begged Germany to not attack Belgium that would began this war of the world

They wanted nothing to do with harming its own country

That country came into the war thinking that it would be the story of the wolf and lamb

That country thought it was going to get the lamb

Wrong they were with their thoughts

Wrong they were

Instead of the lamb

They received a lion

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Overall, I thought that the translation project was actually helpful, due to the fact that we were able to choose speeches that we maybe had known about or liked and write about them in different perspectives. Each poem of mine is a little different than the other and I think I learned a little bit more on writing by reading and writing about each of the poems. I would say this was a pretty successful project and it was not incredibly hard and accomplishable.