Come to our event!

Legendary Father Trebra Blahnik & Legendary Mother Monique Khan Presents The 2014 Peoples Choice Awards Ball

Saturday, March 22nd, 1am

1310 Russell St

Baltimore, MD

Grand Prize 1,000 O.T.A
Masterpiece Theater

Tonight will be the opening of the worlds most influential art museum in the year 2014. This museum is the first of its kind because of its jaw dropping artwork and endless pieces that are all mechanical (walking pieces of artwork). This museum has all high-end artwork from its sculptures to its out of this world paintings, to its unconventional pieces made from all kinds of materials, to its Haute couture pieces from the worlds most exquisite designers, to anything that is just VISUALLY MAYHEM !!!! For decades, the ballroom scene has been inspired by the world or Art/Fashion and tonight is the night to show us why you are the next artist to reign supreme at the Masterpiece Theater. Bring us something that will wow us creatively and artistically by supplying the judges with a photograph of your inspiration and bringing it to life. Remember that anything can be art in the eyes of the artist just remember to make sure its screams 1,000 because before you grace the runway as a walking wonder you will be judged as a artist. TONIGHT RUNWAY IS ALL ABOUT THE LOOK AND THE WALK
Women vs. BQID vs. FQ vs. BQ European Small vs. Tall vs. Big vs. BQ All American *Winners of each will battle for the cash, and there will be no taking it as a house*

Mini Grand # 1 Legendary Performance 500.00 O.T.A
OPERATION BLACK OP (Evelyn SALT vs. Jason Bourne)

Evelyn Salt was a Russian spy who was raised in America. Evelyn Salt was tortured in a North Korea prison on suspicion of being an American spy. Eventually she is released and plays a very important part in the U.S. C.I.A (Central Intelligence Agency). She is a force to be reckon with and very dangerous.
Jason Bourne is a highly trained federal agent who’s past plays apart of his ability to kill anyone in his path at the drop of a dime. Bring us your most one of kind dangerous performance IN ALL BLACK from head to toe, NO JEANS AND THE LOOK MUST BE 500.00 WORTHY, MUST SCREAM LEGENDARY !!!! FQ vs. BQID vs. BQ VF vs. Twisters

Mini Grand # 2 250.00 Face O.T.A
Timeless Beauty

For years the face category has bought the ballroom scene to a stand still with its many entities of face. Showcasing some of the worlds most beautiful FQ's, gorgeous men and BQ's, breathtaking drag queens and women. Who will bring us to our feet yet again ? Tonight the look is on you but remember your face must convey “TIMELESS BEAUTY” Club Kid vs. Models Magazine vs. Unpainted Remember Models Magazine MUST have and 8 ½ x 11 photograph.

Mini Grand # 3 250.00 FQ Realness

In life being a woman is not something that you are born. Being a woman is something that you become. So tonight it doesn't matter if your a school girl, bangy girl, or a high fashion girl. Just bring us a photograph of 8 ½ x 11 or larger when you were a “Little girl”. Little girl means a photograph of when you first transitioned NOT A BOY.

Mini Grand # 4 200.00 Transman vs. BQ Realness (schoolboys vs. prettyboys vs. thugs
Lust Over The Lady

Baltimore have always be known for there FQ'S, weather they were walking runway, realness, face, sex siren, perfect 10, fashion, or just known to be a bad ass bitch !!! Bring it to the runway in a shirt of your favorite FQ thats from baltimore (She doesn't have to currently live here). Be prepared to speak on the microphone and tell us why she is your favorite. Example Monique Khan, Destiny Aga, Shannon Allure, Sabrina Icon, Rhonda Icon, Tia Blahnik, Treshay “Shayla Stacks” Khan, Shay Shay Khan, Londan St.Laurent, Tamara Ebony, Mariah Revlon, Ericka Kane Lanvin, Brandy Chanel, Chante Lanvin, Six Xistance, Nakia Revlon, and Honeycomb Diore. Just to name a few.

Mini Grand # 4 250.00 FQ Body (Luscious vs. models) vs. Sex Siren

Sexy, seductive, oozing,lusciously, giggly are all the things that judges want to see tonight. Give us one luscious body in a hot pink sexy catsuit. Give us one models body in a scandalous two piece bikini, and give us one sex siren in your most sinister sexy biker girl look.

Mini Grand # 5 500.00 O.T.A PERFORMANCE
Queen Of The Jungle

Cat fight of all cat fights is what we want to see. Bring us a unstoppable performance with feline characteristics, treacherous, flesh-eating, feminine, soft, graceful, elegant, sleek, slinky, sinuous, and last but not least “QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE” in any spotted feline/cat/wild cat of your choice. Example Cheetah and Leopard (Only one winner, there will be no taking it as a house)


New Face- In a pastel color shirt, well tailored pants, and a nice frame

New Vogue- Bring it in a shirt with the name of a VF that you think should be OTY. (The state doesn't matter)

New Runway- In ALL BLACK with colorful shoes

Best Dressed- Tonight, the Baltimore's People Choices Awards show is taking place. Come totally done from head to toe. (Male Figure vs. Female Figure)

Sneaker vs. Sneaker- Bring us the exclusive and the plain ole want do.

High Fashion Street wear vs. Urban Street wear- We want something old,something new, something exclusive, and something blue.


Foot and Eyewear- Just bring it 2014 pieces only

Perfect 10- That sexy bitch serving as the dope dealer girlfriend


Labels- Bring the hottest pieces in 2014

Sex Siren- Selling sex in nothing but an American flag

Trilogy- Face-Body-Realness- Tastefully dressed from head to toe

Old Way- Totally concealed from head to toe with a pair of bright colored gloves.

New Way- Serving us stretch, stretch, and more stretch in a nasty one piece.

Team Realness- One schoolboy and One Pretty boy. Bring it together as your favorite fraternity.

Body- The body of a Greek God in yellow or red briefs


Realness- In army fatigue and don't forget the war paint

Women Categories

Body- Selling that body as a French Maid

Sex Siren- Playboy mansion is looking for there new calender model, bring us something hot pink and don't forget the bunny ears


Realness- Simply bring it and make us know it


Body- (The Silver Surfer) Show us that sexy body in something silver


Runway- (Fantastic 5) We want 5 individuals from the same house in 5 different colors, serving in one dynamic way.

Realness- (Schoolboy Frenzy) We want 4 of your schoolboys dressed as American gangsters

Face (Pure Beauty) The best that your house has to offer is what we want tonight in complementing groups. 4 members or more

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