Pop Art- Modern Art

"In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes" A.W

Dates of period/ movement

Began mid 1950s in London and in New York up until now.....

Main ideas seen in art of this period!!!!!!!!!

Recognizable imagery ,drawn from popular media and products.  Usually very bright colors.  Flat imagery influenced by comic books,newspapers,photographs images of celebrities or fictional characteristics in comic books.  Ads and fan magazines, in sculpture , an innovative use of media. 

Key people, locations,and structures :)

Three Facts about the time period


1) Pop Art was emerged from The Independant Group in London which was an informal group of artists, which was held in 1952.  2) In America pop art was attached to small movements that incorperating mass Culture.  3) The economic growth of America caused the spread of television,contemporary music, and helped pop art expand. 


- Tania Marquez , Jaclyn Prevette, AJ Skipper