Accountability Information

Teacher Working Conditions Survey

Help desk phone number: 1-888-601-5826 Monday to Friday 7:30 to 4:30

Help desk email:

Parent Survey

Elementary and middle school parents will take this on April 5, but it will remain active through April 30. After this meeting, high school principals will receive the link for this. Please make sure you offer your parents the opportunity to take it. It will be on the GCS website, you can email the link, put it on your website, etc. To access it on the GCS site, click Parents.

Student Survey

There are student surveys for all levels, and we are required to complete surveys for 40% of our students.

Elementary and middle school students: We suggest that you do these after EOGs. We will provide the link at that time, and place the link on the GCS webpage under Students. If you want to do them before that time, please request it from me.

High school students should take the survey if they are in a course which meets in a computer lab. You will receive the link after this meeting. You can place it on your webpage or use the one on the GCS webpage.

SACS CASI Indicator Spreadsheet

Remember the April 30 deadline. Ensure that you have completed Standards 1, 2, and 5 and entered your data into the spreadsheet.