Mrs. Seevers

Class News


I'm so excited this year. I have a wonderful group of students and they are working very hard for me. Please continue to read every night with your children. It will help in the long run I promise!!

Spelling Tests

Every Monday your child should be bringing home their spelling list. The pretest will be on Thursday's and if they make a 100 they don't have to retake on Friday. I will do pretests for the 1st 9 weeks only, to get them use to studying.

Seevers Family

I am the very proud mother of two crazy daughters... lol. My oldest daughter is Amber and she is helping teach Science to your child. She is graduating from NWOSU with a major in Biology so don't worry she is well qualified. And Jasmine pops in from time to time to lend a helping hand. She is our current Miss Seiling. My wonderful husband, Ryan, works in the oil/gas field. We've been married for 23 years. I know he deserves a medal!!! :)

Mr. Nyberg's Math Challenge

Mr. Nyberg is challenging the students this year to achieve their math goals. He will be testing addition until Christmas and multiplication after Christmas. But if the students are ready before, we will give them the opportunity to be challenged earlier. They must quickly tell him as many facts as they can in a minute and 1/2. I know they can do it. Please practice at home. You can use old playing cards or purchase flash cards for practice.