Wendy Kopp

Leader for Education


Wendy Kopp grew up in Texas, where she lived with her parents. As a highschooler, Wendy loved school and was involved in many extracurricular activities. Her parents moved her to a more prestigous school so she could receive an optimum education. At her new school, she was challenged academically but remained an honor-roll student and was still involved. Being surrounded by other great students pushed her to work harder in school.


After highschool, Wendy went to attend school at Princeton. She realized quickly that students that went to better highschools were more prepared, and that kids that went to more generalized schools could not keep up with Princeton's ivy league curriculum. She then realized that she wanted to improve America's education system.


Wendy is considered one of the best leaders because she has many admirable qualities. She has perseverance, is hard working, and is considerate. She did not give up when Princeton proffessors told her that her proposal was too costly and difficult, Wendy just kept trying and eventually created one of America's most diligent teaching programs. Additionally, she put herself whole-heartedly into her work and it paid off in the end. Lastly, she is considerate and takes others best interest in mind in her work. Overall, Wendy Kopp is one of today's best leaders because of her hard work and accomplishments with Teach For America.

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