Most people believe that sales force automation software is only for companies with a large sales force. Our past experience has showed us that even a 3 member sales team benefits from having information about each client stored in a common repository with easy access and analysis through detailed reports. This significantly eliminates the need for data entry and record maintenance leaving more man-hours for scaling up businesses. Recording every piece of information about a client allows the team to offer high quality service based on individual client needs.
SALES MANTRA has evolved considerably over time. It has reached a level of comprehensiveness where every aspect of the sales cycle is automated and can be managed with greater transparency and efficiency. Planning the sales process, lead generation, contact management, sales call management, dispatch and delivery of products, and even customer service management are all included in most CRM tools available in the market today.
The beauty of hosted Customer Relationship Management software tools is that they are just as relevant to companies having a sales force of 5 people as they are to companies with a sales force of a 100. Smaller companies where each client represents an important source of revenue use CRM tools to minimize operational costs while offering high quality service to their customers. Larger companies benefit from the centralized database of information and the ability to monitor operations remotely with minimum time and effort.
The solution enables you with meaningful management reports every morning to improve your business strategies and helps increase your company’s turnover.

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