The Raft

By: S.A. bodeen


if you like survival books than this is the book for you


Robie, an experienced traveler fly's from Honilulu to midway but her flight gets cut short because the plane crashes in the middle of the ocean. all she has is a raft and her courage.


My opinion of this book is that this book is well put together, it has very descriptive words and it paints a picture in my head. i can visualize what the characters look like.


I have a text-to-world connection with this book. this book reminds me of LOST a television series i watch. in the show 50 people are in a plane crash, but in The Raft one person crashes in a plane.


I would recommend this book to my friend Quinn because he watches lost to so i think he would be interested in this book. this book was suspenseful.