Take a Walk in my Flip Flops

By: Olivia Moua

The History of Flip Flops

Do you know anything about the flip flops you wear on your feet all the time? Flip flops have a great big history behind them. First of all, do you know the meaning behind the name flip flops? Flip flops are simply called flip flops because of the sound they make when they make contact with the the sole of your foot and the floor. At the British museum the oldest pair of flip flops from 1500 B.C. is on display. Many different cultures made different types of flip flops so they were made from a variety of materials. For example, ancient Egyptians used papyri and palm leaves. India used wood and China and Japan used rice straw. In modern day we use sturdier textiles like leather, rubber, etc. flip flops started getting popular in the United States after World War ll. The United States were introduced to them by Japanese. Soldiers brought them to the states with them. Americans started to design them during the postwar boom. They designed flip flops with bright colors and patterns. Flip flops were worn in casual settings.min 2010, more than 150 million pairs of flip flops were produced per year.

Flip Flops in the Sand

Dear Diary,

It is the year of 2015 and I'm on my summer vacation of the year. This summer I'm in Hawaii at Waikiki Beach. I have really been stressed this year so this vacation is much needed. The only other things with me are my bags, my bestest friend Emily, and my flip flops. You know, Diary, that my flip flops are the only shoes I bring with me when I am on my beach vacations. Do you know how wonderful it feels after kicking off those business shoes after wearing them all day for a whole year? I can't wait to walk in the sand with my favorite pair of flip flops and swim in the ocean.

- Olivia

My Connection

Why did I chose flip flops? This was the question I asked my self when I did my project. The main reason was because I am a big beach vacationer. Every summer my family and I would go to the beach. No matter where I went I always took my flip flops with me. They were the most comfortable and the did not make my feet sweat and smell like tennis shoes. I love walking the beach with flip flops on in the sand. This is why my writing Flip Flops in the Sand relates back to me.
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