Free Landers

Slogan: Free for Everything!

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What if there wasn't a currency? Here in Free Landers, you NEVER have to worry about money or if you're stuck in a job you don't love.

Here, everyone follows their passion and works their dream job. Ever want to be a teacher but in fear of a little income? Or love to farm but can only just barely support your family? Or maybe you're stuck being a waiter, but you're good at your job and you love it, but you can't make it by anymore? Come to Free Landers where you can choose whatever job you want and don't have to worry about your salary.

Instead of money being a problem, if everyone does the job they love, and no one gets paid, and everything is free... what could possibly go wrong?

Reason for Existence (4a)

In today's society all you hear about is money issues and worries if the nightly, weekly, monthly, or yearly salary will be able to support a family. Not only is money an issue, but citizens end up in a job they don't love and become unhappy.

Free Landers wants to bring prosperity and decrease the fear and constant threat of money issues and unhappiness by creating a Utopia where money is nonexistence.

Community Members (4b)

Are you unhappy with your job? Are you just barely getting by each month? Has money always been an issue for you? Do you wish that you could constantly have everything that you want? Than our community is perfect for you! SO many people skate by each month wishing that they could have anything and everything that they want and so now the opportunity is at hand. Anyone is welcome, both the rich and the poor.

Everyone deserves happiness, love, and another chance! Free Landers is the ultimate place for economical freedom. If you want to be free from everything, then come join us today!

Americans Dreams and Novel (4c)

Our utopia connects to the short story Harrison Bergeron by relating to the sense of equality. For example, in Harrison Bergeron everyone was required to have the same level of intelligence. The government would ensure this to happen to the smart people by equipping them with a special headset that would monitor there brain activity. Such as in our community we will establish equality economically. This equality will make sure that all citizens will never have to worry about financials again.

The reason our utopia will work out compared to the dystopia in Harrison Bergeron, we are not taking away freedoms and the rights of a person that each one of us is born with. Instead of taking away rights, we are promising that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will always come first.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451 (4d)

Our utopia connects to F451's utopia with the idea that if a human gives something up, they will be happy. In F451, the author hints that the bureaucratic leaders of the society believe that if you don't think, you'll be happy, because thinking is sadness. The government goes through procedures to stop people from thinking by equipping citizens with seashells which is constantly making noises. They also took away books because fiction novels were lies and the gov't didn't want anyone to have to stress over thinking about the difference between right and wrong. In Free Landers, we take away the daily struggle of money so everyone can be joyous and free of fear. Money leads to corruption, struggles, and sadness which is why we have taken away all currency.

Our promise to you, is that our utopia will not end with being bombed. In F451, citizens rights were being taken away and they were suppressed by the government. Everyone who thought they were happy was only an illusion to the real world. People were stripped of their human qualities and were inevitably dehumanized. The goal of Free Landers government is to not have control over the people. To not take away rights and make everyone equal in every way possible. Money is corruption. Take money out of the equation and there are no issues, no suppression, completely economic equality, and no rights being taken away.

Disclaimer (5a-e)

Potential Problems:

  • If people are lazy they may not want to work
  • Won't people take all of the items? (ex: 100 rolls of toilet paper)
  • Nothing will ever get done... no money... no jobs... why work?
  • Tons of crime because people will fight over everything

Don't Worry! Our Solutions:

It would be pointless to just not work. This society is only made up of people who are motivational to do things they love. If you don't have a plan and a promise to work in the field you absolutely love, then don't move to Free Landers because you'll only ruin our perfect society.

Why would anyone have the need to grab everything from the isles when they have an unlimited supply? There would be no need to stock up and take everything because our citizens can go the items they need, whenever, wherever and it's all free!

Everyone must have a job. In order to join our society, you must sign our Document of Entrance in order to commit to your responsibilities. Our idea is no money not no responsibility.

Why would there be crime? Everyone is equal economically, everyone can work in their favorite jobs, everyone can have what they want. So why would there be a need to fight for anything when there's an excessive amount of everything your heart desires?

You Decide Free Landers Isn't Right for You and You Want to Leave?

Any individual can leave when ever they please. As the Free Landers Gov't we will work with you in finding you a job outside of the city so you can get back into your process of making money. Hopefully before you entered our society you left all your money in an off shore bank account because upon leaving, you will not receive any money from the society and we would really hate if you left and went back to a world where you have $0. However, once you choose to leave our society, you are officially in our database of people we cannot let back in. Once you've realized you've made the mistake of leaving, all we can do is wish you the best of luck in the real world.


If you're a very famous person or someone with a lot of money, I can see that entering our Utopia seems unfair since all of your hard work to earn your money is completely gone. This could also be considered a dystopia to the people who live for money and are obsessed with the idea and holding it and paying with it. We also know there are plenty of skeptics out there worried about crime and if resources will run out, but all the doubters can just stay out. Entering our society doesn't work unless you believe in it.