BOE Recap

January 19, 2023

Board Meeting Details

This regular Board of Education meeting was held in person at the District Office.

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

2. Approval of Meeting Agenda

The agenda was approved.

3. What's Good in 109

Mr. Steckling presented the monthly What's Good in 109 report, highlighting:


-The Shepard debate team receiving congrats for winning a recent debate tournament

-Walden's spelling bee extending into a second-day tiebreaker tomorrow!


-Musicians from Caruso traveling to Wilmot & South Park to perform for younger students and get them excited about joining band, orchestra, or choir in middle school

-Kipling 1st graders getting a visit from officials from the Village of Deerfield to learn about how the village seal was designed and what goes into the process


-Students at all four elementary schools were selected and recognized by the local Hyatt Regency Deerfield to have their drawings printed and mailed out on their company holiday card

Shepard is teaming up with the fire & police departments to have a charity basketball game on February 1st. Tickets are now on sale.

Wilmot is our featured school of the month, as we showcase the 3 C's in one building:

Dr. Brett, the principal of Wilmot, joined the presentation.

Dr. Brett showcased some of the logos students have designed to celebrate Wilmot's 175th anniversary this year and showed a clip of a fun celebrity shoutout from WGN news anchors.

CHALLENGE: Wilmot won the districtwide math challenge for doing problems at home and won a visit from Jiji the math penguin

COLLABORATE: All four elementary schools, including Wilmot, collaborated with the Deerfield Public Library on their annual Tournament of Books. Two 5th graders were interviewed by DPL about the project and will appear soon in an edition of Browsing magazine.

CREATE: 5th grade and 2nd grade buddies worked together to digitally create snowmen that showed different emotions and had to work with each other off of the same presentation to decide their designs.

Finally, Ms. Brantman's 5th grade class was featured as a group for sending drawings and coloring bags to kids in a hospital over the holidays.

Click below to watch the What's Good segment!

DPS109 - School Board Meeting: 1/19/23

4. Legislative Update

Rep. Bob Morgan spoke before the board about the latest developments in Springfield. He thanked the board for their service as not only an elected official but as the parent of students at Kipling School.

Click below to watch his presentation!

DPS109 - School Board Meeting: 1/19/23

5. Superintendent's Report

Mr. Simeck thanked everyone for a great return from winter break and start to the second half of the year.

He complimented the ELA team at Shepard for putting on their 6th grade grit talks in the LC that he got a chance to witness.

Our Master Facility Planning process has begun. The steering committee just held their first meeting. There will be a report from the architects we are working with in the project later in the meeting. Those interested in our master facility planning process can visit which we will update as we progress through this journey.

Click below to watch his report.

DPS109 - School Board Meeting: 1/19/23

6. Community Participation Relative to Matters on the Meeting Agenda (Policy 2:230)

There were no speakers present.


7.1. Freedom of Information Requests (Policy 2:250)

There were no requests.

7.2. Master Facility Planning Update

Two representatives from ARCON Associates joined the board to present initial findings on their comprehensive look at the district’s facilities.

They showed a presentation that was given to the steering committee on January 17th.

The architects took tours with different stakeholder groups (teachers, parents, students, etc.) and presented summaries from each building with key thoughts about the facilities.

In the coming weeks, the steering committee will tour all of the schools. They will have their second meeting on February 21st. In February, ARCON will also embark on the Planning and Concepts/Activation phase.

Again, all updates will be posted to

You can watch their report below.

DPS109 - School Board Meeting: 1/19/23

7.3. Surplus Equipment to Sell, Donate, or Recycle

Dr. Bialk presented the list to the board for approval.

7.4. Two-Way Radio Purchase

Dr. Filippi presented a recommendation to the board for an FY2024 purchase of two-way radios. He answered board questions about the recommendation.

7.5. Intergovernmental Agreement for Downtown Deerfield TIF District

Dr. Filippi presented the intergovernmental agreement for board consideration.


8.1. Consent Agenda*

Personnel items were approved.

Bills for payment were approved.

8.2. Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes from December 15, 2022

The minutes were approved.

8.3. Approval of Quarterly Treasurer's Report (Dec 2022)

The report was approved.

8.4. Policy Final Reading

The policy was approved.

8.5. Approval to Sell, Donate, or Recycle Surplus Equipment

The measure was approved.

9. Committee Reports (Policy 2:150)

The Executive Development Committee is expected to meet next month.

10. Open Community Participation (Policy 2:230)

There were no speakers present.

11. Board/Superintendent Other

Mr. Simeck said that there may need to be a special board meeting in order to swear in any new board meetings.

Mrs. Montgomery thanked the Wilmot students, families, and staff that came in for the What’s Good presentation. She thanked Rep. Morgan for coming in for his legislative update. She thanked our whole staff for a smooth return from break.

12. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:06 p.m.

The next school board meeting is...

Thursday, February 16, 2022 @ 7 p.m. - Regular Board Meeting