Digital Citizenship

by Joey Ingrassia

Digital Security

Meaning: Knowing what information to disclose online and, more importantly, what to NOT disclose.
Use in the classroom: A discussion on what information to not give away, and why.

Digital Health & Wellness

Meaning: too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Education on the appropriate times to utilize the internet.
Use in the classroom: Medical information on the eye and how to protect it long-term.

Digital Rights & Responsibilities

Meaning: What can I do? What rights does the user have in a digital space?
Use in the classroom: An exercise in what can be used under fair use.

Digital Law

Meaning: The rules and laws governing digital spaces and how they are enforced.
Use in the classroom: A discussion on what is and is not legal when using the internet.

Digital Etiquette

Meaning: How to conduct yourself on the internet.
Use in the classroom: A discussion on the differences between interacting online and in person and how similar they really are

Digital Literacy

Meaning: the ability to understand and effectively use the digital space.
Use in the Classroom: Practice with reading and decoding simple internet code (ex. http or https)

Digital Communication

Meaning: The exchange of electronic information
Use in the classroom: a discussion of the possibilities of communicating digitally and its advantages to its tangible counterpart.

Digital Commerce

Meaning: the digital marketplace
Use in the classroom: a discussion in how to be a smart consumer and the digital tools available to do so.

Digital Access

Meaning: electronic presence and use in society.
Use in the classroom: A talk about the technology available to each individual and a discussion on the digital divide.
What is Digital Citizenship?