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Update for August 2016

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Summer PD Updates

Dear Ambassadors and Advisory members,

We had our final Summer EduPaths PD training last week in the U.P., eh?! What a great time!! Participants traveled from the lower peninsula just to join us in Sault Ste. Marie. Our numbers were smaller there than elsewhere, but we do anticipate seeing 100% submission from both Marquette & the Soo.

As we break down the numbers for the 10 sites - 215 people registered; 159 people actually attended. To date, 83 courses have been submitted for review ( we are at 52% of participant-submitted content) and 35 courses have been approved. Participants have until September 5 to submit their content, and we anticipate a flood of submissions over the next few weeks.

We are very excited about the content topics and the work our MI educators have put into their courses. It has been overwhelming to see how passionate they are about what they do, and that they were willing to learn a new process to get their ideas out online for peers to access across the state.

We shared a few titles with you in July. Here are some of the newly approved courses:

    • Balancing the Literacy Block in Grade 2
    • Begin to Blend: Designing a Blended Lesson for the Elementary Classroom
    • Beginning Writers
    • Building Good Rapport with Parents
    • Classroom Management Strategies/Interactions/Techniques
    • Creating Comics with Google Slides or Google Drawings
    • Digital Portfolio with Weebly for Education
    • Exploring Paraeducator Roles and Standards
    • Forms, Limitations, and Improvements of Assessments
    • Google Research in the Classroom
    • How Emotional Intelligence Affects Students and School Culture
    • How Engaging is Your Classroom?
    • Improving Leadership with GAFE
    • Influencing Student Engagement and Motivation in a PBL Classroom

    Feedback from each session was critical. As a pilot, it was important for us to determine whether OUR TARGET was accurate. As a team, we learned a lot through the process and adjusted as we traveled from site to site, thanks to feedback provided during and after each session. We asked 2 questions -

    QUESTION 1: What was the most beneficial aspect of the two day training?
    • Being able to ask one on one questions and collaborate with others.
    • Understanding how to build and complete the course design.
    • Work time with individual attention
    • Trainers were amazingly helpful. Group info, personal attentions, knowledge was all top end!!!
    • Learning about storyboarding, scripting and recording and then getting time to apply the new knowledge with guided help
    • I enjoyed learning how this online opportunity will build the professional development options for teachers.
    • All of the time to work at my own pace while checking in with the trainers if I needed help.
    • Helpfulness/Accommodations-self pacing, choice/repeating sessions; Whole group, small group, and even individual aspects of the training,

    QUESTION 2: How can the EduPaths Team improve the 2 day training?

    • I would love to have had one more day to work with two experts to coach me through the process
    • To be honest, this was the most useful professional development I have EVER been to. Thank you so very much for the opportunity!!
    • More quiet spaces to record
    • I'm not sure if there is a better way to do it, but the information that was shared to us via Google Drive was a bit scattered.
    • It was pretty well organized! Some creators would like the sessions folder ahead of time.
    • The help beforehand, and the online class required, did a great job of preparing me for the class. I have some work to do to finish my course, but am armed with the tools I need to succeed. THANK YOU!
    • Include Special Education as a pathway...hopefully you will gain more videos or see a demand/ need for it
    • Perhaps more accessible examples to Course Shells to see how others did their script and developer notes?

    Updated Stats for Users on EduPaths and Twitter Followers

    The number of EduPaths users continues to increase. EduPaths users - 3,254 (up from 2,751 on July 28) as of today - Friday, August 26; Twitter followers increase daily - currently at 373.

    What a Summer! We wish we could have captured every person and every experience from our sessions. It goes by WAY TOO QUICKLY! We did put a video together that briefly encapsulates the Summer PD. A special THANKS to all sites, all Ambassadors, and mostly, to all of the educators who participated! We could not have done this without you!!

    Ambassador Training

    Friday, Sep. 23rd, 9am-3:30pm

    5081 Torrey Road

    Flint, MI

    Location of this training is Genesee Career Institute

    AGENDA for Friday, September 23

    This is a face-to-face event! We look forward to seeing you all here!

    RSVPs are enabled for this event.

    Where Have We Been

    • Week of August 22
    • Danielle & Kim with Early Literacy & Family Engagement Groups
    • Molly with Learning Forward & Hemlock Area Schools
    • Jake with Corunna Public Schools
    • MDE/Cultural Proficiency Project
    • GMEC Updates
    • Week of August 29
    • Kim presenting at Summit Academy
    • Molly presenting at Bay-Arenac ISD
    • Mostly, we are in the office reviewing courses

    To provide a short update of the things we are currently working on

    • Fall and Winter PD will be coming soon
    • We are finalizing our Project Management Work Flow to organize the process for submitted courses & are focusing on refining our reporting processes to prevent duplication of effort
    • Course Review will be an ongoing process for the next few weeks
    • We are finalizing our next round of Content Creator Letters of Agreement
    • Still working on statewide conference sites to host booths - this is ongoing.
    • Our Introduction to EduPaths Course Creation will be getting a Make-Over after our summer PD - alot of good feedback and good ideas for updating for next rounds of training
    • We are eager to get our new content into Articulate! Considering our process for streamlining content import.

    A Special THANK YOU to our Host Sites for Summer PD

    • Alpena-Montmorency ESD
    • Eastern UP ISD & Lake Superior State University (Classroom of the Future)
    • Clinton County RESA
    • Kalamazoo RESA
    • Marquette-Alger RESA
    • Muskegon ISD
    • Oakland Schools
    • Saginaw ISD
    • Traverse Bay ISDS
    • Wayne RESA

    We wouldn't have been as successful as we were without your space & support!

    Resources for Ambassadors

    Ambassador REMINDERS

    • Ambassador Training is coming up! We look forward to walking you through our new process for Content Creation, reviewing our data, and establishing our TARGETS for 2016-17!
    • Training Date - September 23

    Things we are still working on (our ongoing short-list)...

    • Working through appropriate language for DPPD for our documentation for districts to use - we have developed a preliminary "final" HELP document. There are EduPaths site programming that will need to happen to make this operational.
    • NEW a way to display # of SCECHs for new users on the Course Description page
    • STILL adding curriculum standards to the site - Ken is working on a different way to import standards without manually adding them one by one!

    Let us know if you have questions or would like more information on anything EduPaths related. Happy to help! Thank you for your support!!

    Jake Gentry, Kim Garcia, Molly Bruzewski, and Ron Madison

    Twitter Chat - Will be Tweeting again ... TBA

    We will launch our Twitter Chats again this year starting Tuesday, September 13 @ 8:30 pm. Pathway focus TBD.

    2016-17 Professional Development

    Coming Soon...Currently in Planning Stages

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