Yatish's Yard

By: Yatish Dubasi

No Tree Like Me!

As you can see I have an "Orange" personality. This means that I always jump to the point and am very direct. I am also very talkitive. Lets say I got cut in line; I probably woudn't even know that I was cut in line; I would be too distaracted talking to my friends. If I was in an office working; I would be commanding everyone to be doing stuff from start to end (director). I would also fight to defend my point. I don't like being disproved. I am very bothered by people that are formal, slow paced, and take their time with their steps. I also only listen for entertainment and if not, I lose interest.

Who needs to be right when they are left?

If you figured by now, I am very much left brained (88%). This means that I am smart and use reasoning to everything I say. Basically, I am very academic and not very creative (right brain).

Trees are everywhere...including high school.

Trees thinking big for the next four rings of life... high school.

Since trees don't care for electives or Physical education... I will only say the four main subjects for each year.

Fresh-"tree" (Freshman) Year:

Pre-Ap Biology

Common Core Algebra 2

Ap Human Geography

Pre-Ap English 1

"Soph core" (Sophomore) Year:

Ap Biology

Ap Statistics

Ap U.S. History

Pre-Ap English 2

Junior Year:

Ap Chemistry

Ap Calculus AB

Ap Psychology

Ap English Language & Composition

Senior Year:

Ap Physics

Ap Calculus BC

Ap U.S Government and History

Ap English Literature & Composition

High School Graduation

Wednesday, June 28th 2017 at 9pm

1801 Southeast J Street

Bentonville, AR

I survived four years of High School!!! YEAH!!!

This tree stands out of high school and lets colleges shine on him.

Graduation Song 2013 - This World is Yours - by Julie Durden

What do a tree and a Naturalist have in common?

They are both outdoorsy. If you figured out with my tree stuff, I am going to become a naturalist. I usually go outside and map the ground, draw sketches of plants and animals, check the soil, check the economic status, and so on. Sounds boring right? Well its not! Most of the time you stay outside and camp with a group of members and have office meetings where we make 3-d or 2-d models of what we saw and sometimes even do activities to help the outside and maybe even to have fun ourselves.


The end by Dubasiy