Andrew Jackson

The Zero

Trail of Tears and Court Nullification

One of the first things Jackson did when he was elected was try to get rid of the Native Americans. He ordered the Native Americans off of their land and to move to Reservations in central day Oklahoma. The Native Americans went all American on them and testified that they are a independent nation so they could not be moved. Court leader John Marshall found the Natives a nation so they couldn't move them. Jackson ignored his outcome and removed the natives on his own. He moved all the Native Americans to reservations, thousands of Natives died just on the journey there.

The Tariffs of 1828 and 1832

In the above years Jackson raised prices on tariffs (tax on imported goods). Now all goods brought in from other countries cost more, so the south was forced to buy more expensive, american made goods. This increased the Northern economy but weakened the southern economy. After the second tariff, South Carolina had enough. They threatened to secede from the union. An compromise was made that lowered the price of tariffs.

Jackson vs National Bank

Jackson vetoed the renewal of the national bank. He said it didn't loan to the common man but to only to the wealthy people.

King Jackson Cartoon

People relate Andrew Jackson to a king because he used his presidential powers to its fullest. He used the presidential veto more than anybody else. He has also been unconstitutional in some cases such as his response to John Marshals court outcome.