Defeating ISIS

By Jenny King

What is the issue?

The issue is ISIS. ISIS has attacked many countries in the past few years and will continue to do so if they aren't stopped as soon as possible.

Why is this issue controversial?

People are arguing about this issue because it has caused many innocent people to die. Everyone agrees that ISIS needs to be stopped because if it isn't more attacks will occur and more innocent lives will be lost.

What does Donald Trump plan to do about this issue?

Donald Trump's plan to stop ISIS is kind of a secret. He doesn't want to share his plan but he claims it's a full-proof way of winning. He did share that he wanted to prevent them from using our internet. He wants to use "brilliant people" from Silicon Valley to shut down the internet that ISIS uses.

What do Republicans in Congress plan to do about this issue?

The Republicans in Congress's plan involves a "broader war" that involves European and Sunni Arab countries. They want to take the fight to every place ISIS is in around the world.

What does Hillary Clinton plan to do about this issue?

-Take out ISIS's stronghold in Iraq and Syria

-Dismantle the global terror network

-Harden our defense at home

-Join forces with Russia

-Create a no fly zone

Hillary Clinton on strategy to defeat ISIS, cooperation with Russia

What does Democrats in Congress plan to do about this issue?

The Democrats in Congress want to establish a safe zone. They want to test the Turks who have been advocating whether their willing to put Turkish troops within that zone.

What do other presidential candidates say about this issue?

Jill Stein on ISIS, Terrorism - YouTube

Organizations trying to fix/hurt the issue?

Many countries throughout the world want to see ISIS be destroyed. There are no organizations trying to hurt the issue from what I could find.

My opinion on this issue?

Personally, I don't think we are trying hard enough to stop ISIS. We should join forces with other countries to take out ISIS's main base. After we do that we will have a stronger chance of defeating them as a whole. Joining together with other countries would out number ISIS and give us the upper hand.