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December 15: Find Files Easily in Google Drive

As most of you know, you can create folders in Google Drive to organize content. While this is a great organizational tool, I have found that sometimes it is still difficult to find what I need; I either forget the name of the file or where I placed it. Advanced search features in Google Drive enable you to find documents in Drive based on a number of criteria. You can search the title of the document or simply any words that appear in the document you wish to find. To limit your search results you can specify the file type (doc, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.), a date range of when you last modified it, the owner of the content, or the names of people with whom the content is shared. I have shown this to students on several occasions and it has always helped them locate the files they need.


  1. On the main page of your Google Drive account, click on the downward facing arrow in the search bar at the top of the screen (click on the picture to the left to view a large screenshot).
  2. In the drop down menu, fill out each field with as much information as you can remember and then select "Search" to view your results.
Searching for files in Google Drive