San Miguel Elementary

Monday Memo- September 7th-11th

Instructional Focus:Academic Discourse

Valuing Other's Ideas in the Classroom

Great Idea...let's write it down!

Wow..I hadn't thought of that. That makes sense.

Brilliant. Tell us more.

Juan has a great insight about how....

Taken from Academic Conversations by Jeff Zwiers and Marie Crawford

Upcoming Events

Sunday 9/6 - Happy Birthday Laura Buehl!

9/7- No School Labor Day

9/8 Tuesday

3rd Grade at SDMA- ArtCore

7:30 PAC

7:30 Interview With Ernie

8:10 Circulate San Diego- Parent Volunteers Needed for Counts

8:10 Collect Fundraising Tickets


8:00 IEP 9:00 IEP 9:30 IEP 10:30 IEP 11:00 Behavior Discussions 1:00 IEP

2:30 ILT- Agenda Below

3:15 BSP

6:00 Board Meeting

9/9 Wednesday

7:00 IEP

Collaboration -See Schedule

8:10 Circulate San Diego- Parent Volunteers

Collaboration in Room 20-

8:00 - 9:15 1st

9:20- 10:35 5th

11:00-12:15 4th

12:15-12:50 Lunch

12:50-2:05 Kinder

10:45 Lunch

2:20 pm TOSA Meeting

2:30 pm Staff Meeting Room 11

LAN School

9/10 Thursday

8:00-3:00 pm Edna Off Campus- SARB Summit

9:00 -11:00 Principal's Meeting- Heidi Off Campus

5:00-5:30 PTA BBQ

5:30 PTA Meeting

6:00-7:00 pm Back to School Night Classroom Visitations

9/11 Friday

LAST Day for Fundraiser!

Collect Fundraising Tickets and Orders and SEND them to the office

9:00 am Principal Meeting SES Tutoring

11:35 TOSA Meeting

9/12 Happy Birthday George Muenkel our Fabulous Tech Support!!!!

Staff Meeting Agenda

Time 2:30-3:45

LAN School Presentation by Sally Ahern

Back to School Night- Highlight Best Practices

Bring your San Miguel Staff Meeting Binder

Let's Celebrate- Staff Shout Outs

Shout outs....

Maya Simpson for working with all her teachers to schedule RSP times AND help those who need R180 and Systems 44 support!

Anne Shoemaker for scheduling FIRE UP YOUR FEET and registering our WHOLE school!

PTA for coming together and creating a FULL Governing PTA Board!

Teresa and Amy for finishing Kinder CELDT testing and moving on to 6th Grade!

Peace Builders- PBIS

Lunch Area:

Ideas for reviewing Big 3 in lunch area: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Role Play, Think-Pair Share, Looks-Like/ Sounds-Like Chart

Uniforms- Please refer to San Miguel handbook for more details.

Collaboration Agenda

1. Intro

2. Review of Collaboration Norms

3. PLC- Reading Focus

4. Long Range Writing Planning and Focus

5. Assessment Discussion

6. We have combo classes- What now? Help!


Interactive Agenda

ILT Agenda 2:30-3:15 pm, Room 12

  • Upcoming Events
-Back to School Nigh
-Red Ribbon Week
-Read for the Record
  • Coaching Rounds and Site Instructional Goals
Visitations Focus-Aligned with Site Goal
  • Collaboration Schedules and Agendas
  • Assessments
  • Pacing Guides

ILT Team

Nicole Crews, Kristin Alianelli, Sara Smith, Kim Sowvlen, Marcy Bollens, Dan Decker, Sue Bruner, Danielle Adams (R180 Coordinator) , Summer Locke (Academic and Behavioral Support TOSA). Leslie Kuhen

If you have other items to add to the agenda, please email Heidi