Egg car project



How can I make a car safe enough for where an egg inside won't break?


I think by using a cushion or an airbag somewhere inside my car it will make it so the car doesn't crash.

Background Knowledge

I know newton's first law is something in motion will stay in motion. I know that if it weighs to much it won't go fast enough but, if it doesn't weigh enough it will go to fast.I think that if something in motion stays in motion then the egg will need something to protect it from cracking when it hits the wall like cushion or an airbag. I also know we use seat belts to help us when the person driving stops all of sudden it let us move a little forward but make sure we don't hit are heads on the seat in front of us.


First I took a powerad bottle cut is so it's the right length.Then I cut holes so the tire would fit .After that icut a hole so the egg would fit on the top. I took everything off spray painted the powerad bottle.


The cushion did help with the car. I know what all helps and how to make sure a car is safe in different ways.


I was right that a cushion could help keep an egg safe.