Christophers' Crew Job Application

By: Claire Zeutzius

I Am Applying to be a Cook

Dear Christopher Columbus,

I believe I am fit to be a cook on the Santa Maria during your trip to the Indies. Hopefully we will find a quicker and cheaper way to the Indies. I will be a good cook because I can make tasty food with anything that is thrown at me. Also, I will be brave and not give up nor will I want to turn back like the others did. Not only will I cook for the Santa Maria, but I will cook for the Nina and the Pinta as well. Even though there are already one hundred four other people on board, I will make room so everyone will be comfortable and so I have room to cook. It takes me only ten minutes to put together a beautiful fish fillet. Another advantage with me is that I can go fishing for fish on my own so you don’t have to hire five more people. I am aware that when you were in search of China, you ended up visiting Cuba and Hispaniola instead. I can fix this problem because I have been to many places to learn about different foods so I know where we would be if we arrive at places where we unsure of the location. I understand that this is only your first voyage. Since Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand finally agreed to your offer, I know you are very excited. I want you to understand that this is a journey, not a cruise so we have to be prepared. I can do this for my behalf by bringing cooking supplies, tools for starting a fire, dishes, and so on. I can also make you many samples before we begin our voyage. You may taste delicious eggs for breakfast and tasty mac and cheese for lunch. You can also try my divine pasta for dinner. Before you know it they will taste so good you will want to just pull me in. I am free at all times and you don’t need to pay much. My pay will be one nickel each week. These are all reasons why I think I am fit to be a cook on your ship(s).
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