Friday Focus

January 16, 2015

Great Week! And we have great things ahead!

What a great week!

It started on Sunday with our guest priest, Fr. Mike Voithofer from St. James in Omaha. What a wonderful homily he presented for us! I hope you got a chance to listen to him and will remain engaged and not "hit eject" in your personal or professional life!

The awesome week continued with our Parish Mission, featuring Steve Angrisano. It was terrific to have him here and I thought he did a tremendous job, both in the evenings with our parishioners and during the days with our students. The closing night, Wednesday, was especially powerful, especially with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

I also really appreciated your attention and presence during our short faculty meetings before and after school on Wednesday. I hope that the information presented was timely and cleared up some of the fuzziness you may have about the topics presented. If you have questions on any of the topics--our Hall of Fame, the Fund for NC, the Fr. Lange matching fund concert, Ignite the Faith, or Catholic Schools Week--please ask!

Lastly, it would be great to see you at the Home and School Soup Luncheon tomorrow (Saturday) night. Our boys basketball team takes on Crofton that night and our H&S will donate a portion of their profit to the Todd Strom family of Crofton. Todd is the principal and head boys basketball coach at Crofton. He had the unfathomable chore of burying his 19-year-old daughter, Hali, on January 7. Hali became ill and died while working during a mission trip in Arkansas.

Catholic Schools Week

Look for a complete list of events for CSW 2015 early next week. Get involved with the week's activities; help out when needed, and enjoy this special week with our students.

Tweet of the Week

Great article on getting student input and taking their feedback to help change how you teach! (Click the link below!)

Video of the Week

The Elementary teachers have seen this video, but it's worth watching again! A great reminder about why people do the things they do. Not for money, not for recognition, but this guy does reap quite a reward! What a great example of stewardship! I love the scene when the little girl returns from her first day of school.
Heartwarming Thai Commercial - Thai Good Stories By Linaloved